Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sew Together Bag Endeavor

For Christmas I made my mother in Law and my grandmother in Law sew together bags. Neither of them are as into sewing as I am so they love getting handmade things and better yet they love it when the hand made things look store bought. When my MIL opened her bag it took quite a bit of convincing for her believe that I had in fact made the custom bag that she was holding. She was beyond thrilled with the bag and wanted to fill it up right away -- which took longer than she thought and held way more stuff. 
Her bag was my second one and it did go together far faster than my first one which took an entire day and the aid of two of my friends to make it through. We got together on black Friday because none of us were up for shopping in the crowds and Teri had already made one or two before so she was helping guide myself and Roxanne through the process. Without her help I an not sure that the first bag would have gotten made and I know that the second one wouldn't have. My first sew together was a for GMIL and she's been traveling quite a bit to see her great grandson and other relatives so I knew she would use the bag which is why I even dared to try and make it in the first place. 
Once I made her's I knew more of these bags were in my future and now that I have done this one I am feeling far better about venturing into making other pouches and bags, hopefully with a few less zippers. I wouldn't say my fear of zippers is gone but one thing is for sure -- it surely has been subsided a little during this adventure. 

I have a full pinterest board of bags I want to make so let's hope 2015 is the year I make a full scale bag for myself. I think I would like to accomplish this before stash bash because it would be pretty cool to take my things in a bag I made --- like I'm only going to need one bag (hahahaha). So my fellow bag makers, where should I start? 

Duffle WM

Or any other great bag that I've left off -- I'm open to suggestions. 

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  1. I've made the Moda tote - easy one to start with and great for scraps. I do love NoodleHead patterns though and that's a cute bag.

  2. Love those bags! I really need to get that pattern and try one out for myself. They look so handy :-)

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  3. Lovely bag. I have the pattern and was hoping to give it a go next week, but now you have me worried. What was so tricky about it?

    Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday.

  4. I am so addicted to the Sew Together Bag! Welcome to the family.

  5. Well done! Zippers still intimidate me, but with more practice they do get easier. I am visiting from Sew Cute .

  6. Aeroplane bag... even I survived it! And for a purse, the Sidekick Tote... I've made two and love them!

  7. I love your bags and your future bag choices. Will be back to see more.

  8. You should join along in the Bag-of-the-month Club. The January pattern just came out. Go here to check it out: http://sewsweetness.com/2014/12/bag-month-club-2015.html

  9. Your sew together bags both turned out lovely. And I just have to say.... I vote for the Simplicity duffle. It looks easier than the weekender. And cuter than the tote!

  10. Noodle heads are great! Aeroplane and Amy B patterns are hard to follow, just FYI. Sew Together turned out to be a fun venture and you get it!