Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bitch Stitches Swap

Swap deadline number 3 for January was also my first official finish in 2015. It was the Bitches Get Stitches swap -- I decided to go mild on my use of profanity in this item because my partner was open to my making whatever. I pulled together a couple if ideas from her Pinterest and went for a humorous and edgy take on something that my grandmother would have had in her home. So I came up with this quilted wall hanging and sent it off to live with Christina (@sewbrewtiful). 

This is a copy of the E-card that I got the quote in the clouds from.
In this family we curse, drink, laugh, overshare, yell, hug, and tell dirty jokes. That's what family is for. What the fuck does your family do? | eCards
I packaged it up with some extras and sent her off. 
So did she like it? 

I'd say she does. 
Now, I'm awaiting the arrival of my goodies.