Monday, February 2, 2015

Am I Sewing or Stashing -- JAN

In 2015 I will be trying to buy less fabric and using the things that I have on hand for projects. This is not like the fast I tried (and failed miserably at) last year. This time there are challenges along the way and if we buy fabric it isn't a huge failure (all be it self imposed). I find that this plan should work better for me and I Am going to make it my goal to keep track of things I buy and things I use through out the year to see how I do in the end. 

January Purchases (+35 yards) -- OMG right!!
  • most of this was from a store that will be closing soon. (about 30 yards worth) Most of this was OOP Tula Pink bought with the intention of stashing some and the rest for sale / trade. 
  • I bought some fabric that was specifically for the Moda Modern Building Blocks to fill in for colors that I was lacking (3.5 yards)
Pearl Bracelets CoralModa Grunge Duchess PinkCotton & Steel XOXO Shag Carpet
  • went to a quilt show that I attend annually. I set a budget and took a list of things I was looking for to keep me on track. I ended up buying a solids charm pack and half a yard of fabric -- which both have actual projects that they will be used for (and those adorable owl scissors). (1.5 yards) 

January Use / pulled for projects (-28 yards) 
  • I pulled fabric for an upcoming project. It's a fun pattern I found in my stash that is made using 21 fat qtrs, but some of my pieces are half yards (about 6 yards)
  • I decided to join in with my friend Melanie's Block of the Month where we will me making the Moda Modern Building Blocks Quilt (about 14 yards pulled from stash)
  • Got started a few other swap projects (about 3 yards). 
  • I started making a Disapearing Hourglass Quilt from 3 charm packs I had on hand (about 2 yards)

January Purges (-15 yards) 
  • I sold some of the Tula on instagram and I made a donation to our guild's charity fabric pile (about 10 yards) 
  • I had my 200th blog post and sent several yards worth to one of my lucky readers (about 3 yards) 
  • I also included a couple of yards worth to a very helpful quiltin mama as a part of a swap (about 2 yards) 
That puts my overall total for January and 2015 at a purge of 8 yards (+35-28-15 = -8) 

I'm hoping I keep this momentum up in February. I know that I am needing to get more background fabric for my MMBB quilt and Tula Pink's Elizabeth is coming out this month. If I purge out at least double digits that would be great and hopefully I would have some extra finishes to show off. 

The biggest help to this is going to be our guilds yard sale at the end of the month, for fabric and craft supplies. I've already started pulling out fabric for this one as well.  (There is about 50 yards worth here -- wow what a dent this would be.)


  1. I guess I am a tad behind you on fabric purchased this month. I did buy some fabric for my millefiori quilt plus some Carolyn Friedlander and DS fq bundles. Plus some other precuts. Hmmm maybe I am not that far behind.

  2. I love your disappearing hourglass block, gorgeous!

  3. lovely blocks and a great post to help you keep tabs :)

  4. Good for you. Keep going. And what is that rainbow-ish looking one at the bottom of the middle pile? I just might need to purchase that directly from you for my stash. You know me and my rainbow addiction.