Thursday, March 26, 2015

Studio Ghibli Swap

My partner for this one happened to be one of the awesome moderators Felice Regina (@iamlunasol). She happens to love Kiki's delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle so I really wanted to make something that represented both movies. I too love Kiki's and all the colors and scenery so I used this movie as a basis for my colors -- I went with a mini horizon charm Pack that I had been holding onto for some time and some stashed special fabrics to createanother sew together bag. I wanted to make this bag because to me it reminds me of Howl's Castle -- so much more room inside that you would expect and has lots of compartments. 
I chose to put Soar with your spirit embroidery on the outside. I chose this sentiment because it to fits both movies where the overall theme is about finding yourself to move forward. To me it also is suitable for the creative process because doing the things that you love is good for the spirit. 
Since the quilting doesn't show up great in pictures I took a shot of it before assembly -- swirls like the wind and creative chaos. 
So, remember those special, coveted fabrics I had been holding onto for a while. I really love how they all came together and sure hope that Felice agrees with my choices. 
Once it was all put together this was the outcome, and I even found this really neat charm to use as a zipper pull. 
I also decided that since I knew she had made 2 packages for this swap I would send her a very special extra handmade item along with her other extras. 
It looks like things were well received 
Now it's time to wait and see what I receive -- I'll be putting all my received packages together in a big post once the four of them arrive by mid April.