Friday, May 1, 2015

Sewing or Stashing in April and Bee report

April started off good -- went to Charlotte and stopped at The Quilted Thimble Cottage, only bought 4 yards of fabric (3 for backing) to round out the Lucky 21 Quilt I planned to make at Stash Bash. (Which I didn't get around to.)

I made a trip to Mary Joe's and attended 2 block of the month classes and came out fabric free. That is a major win for me.

Mid month I sent out my Spring Mini -- that was about 2 yards worth of fabric used.

I made a large tote Bag to take to stash bash and as a part of the Sew Your Stash Challenge. I also made a zippy pouch to go with it for carrying basic supplies. -- about 3 yards used

At Stash Bash we had a secret swap going with 2 handmade items for our partners. I made a mini sew together pouch and a large mug rug / very mini quilt for the lovely Brittenee @heart_stitches -- together these used about 3 yards of fabric. I also gifted her some fabric -- another 2.5 yards worth.

I did a quick IG sale before stash bash and sold 12 yards -- YAY.

My biggest fabric splurge was during the stash bash where I got to shop at Stash Fabrics, and I made trip to The Scarlett Thread  and Intown Quilters.

Stash Fabrics 
A Scarlet Thread 
Intown Quilters 
The trip in total came out with 14 yards added to my stash.

When I came home it was time for the guild meeting and out make up yard sale. 5 yards sold, 5 yards donated. 

My bee blocks this month were a lot of fun -- 2 yards used

Cranes for Liz 
Tic Tac Toe blocks for Jen -- We bee with it
WE Bee Learning blocks 
I also managed to 
  • put together my Accuquilt block -- 2 yards which still needs fabric pulled for the last boarder and the backing
  • assemble my string blocks quilt top and pulled fabric for boarders -- 3 yards used
That means that April was +18 yards new, - 38.5 yards used / sold / donated for a total of -21.5 yards this month --- yearly total so far is a stash that is 67 yards lighter than at the beginning of the year. 

May brings a preparation for several upcoming swaps that are due in June and July so I am hoping to keep up the progress and maybe reach triple digits before the end of the quarter. My husband did surprise me with a spending certificate for a shop in Raleigh so I may be using that some time soon.