Sunday, August 2, 2015

July sewing or stashing

My initial splurge this month was on the 18th with these 5 yards of fabric -- but most of them already have a project that they are going toward so I'm only putting less than 2 yards in the actual stash. 
I worked on getting my dad's birthday quilt finished and successfully used another 6 yards of stash for backing and binding. 
I made up my bee blocks this month -- 2 yards of stash 
The second bee blocks were for a lady making for quilts of valor so I sent her a few extra fabrics for this awesome cause. 
I pulled fabrics from the stash to make the 100 modern Tula blocks quilt --- 40 yards worth. I know this quilt will take at least half of this fabric for the front and back but I wanted a huge variety and really couldn't limit my self. (In pulling for this project I discovered that I was short one color way of Acacia and it happened to be the one that I was looking for so I did make a few small purchases to fill in this gap but they are all accounted for in the pull.)

I did a pay it forward this month and decided to get rid of some of my scrappy squares that I have been holding onto for a while. This started with the new leader/ender project that Bonnie Hunter is doing this year with tumblers, I'm going to use all scrap squares for this project and discovered that it will take 4 inch squares to be able to use my accuquilt die -- so I offered up the 3 inch squares that I was stashing on Instagram. This is going to make cutting my scraps go much quicker since now I will only be keeping charm squares and strings rather than cutting 4 different sizes. These lovelies went to a lady that makes charity quilts and it lightened my load by another 3 yards (by weight). 

 I finished up the month with having bought 2 yards and with having pulled / used 52 yards. So put that with last month's totals and I am in the positive 124.5 yards for the year. (Maybe I should be a little more realistic and only count half the Tula Quilt pull but that still puts things at 104.5 yards lighter for the stash so far this year -- WHAHOO!)

I can't wait to start prepping for the Mini stash bash that is in a few months and I will be working on some projects for that as well and I hope that this will make another sizable dent in the stash. 

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