Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I said I wouldn't ...

but alas I have, I've taken on another commission t shirt project. This one is for a coworker and her son is graduating college in a few months.

I love making quilts and things but the y shirt quilt is one of my non favorites because of the pressure that goes into them and the weight of them once they are assembled. It's a hard thing to cut into someone's memories and hope that they are happy with the results and usually things work out great and the person is happy to have the task completed (because you know they have been putting it off themselves). 

So this weekend I started on the new project and got everything interfaced and rough cut, just to test sizing and I was pleasantly surprised when my random initial layout had things fitting excellently together. I did a bit of rearranging so that the colors would balance out better and came out with this layout 
So I pulled a filler fabric and started sewing things together. I now need to add a boarder or 2 and this quilt will be well on it's way. I know the outer boarder will be the green gears fabric that I have been holding onto for some time and I think that the inner boarder will be something in the golden yellow color scheme. 

Stay tuned for the final result. 

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