Monday, August 17, 2015

Tula Pink 100 Block along

If you missed it Michelle and I are supporting each other and a few other brave souls that have taken up the 100 modern block project from Tula Pink. The link up is on the 15th of each month. 
Crayon Box Quilt Studio
My (lofty) goal was to make 25 blocks per month and have the quilt completed within the year. Well upon further review of the TPCS book I only actually need to make 70 blocks for the layout that I want to make -- WHAHOOO!! 

So I started first by taking my book to Office Depot and having it spiral bound -- this makes a huge difference in the accessibility of the book and honestly if I had done it before I might have started the project before now. It was a $5 fix and now the book lies flat and I can easily see things without fighting with the book. 

On to the progress that I made with the actual blocks -- since i'm not making them all I was selective about the ones that I made and am not going to be doing them in any sort of order. I am making friends with little post it notes so that I will know which blocks I have made and not repeat myself, this will also help me know how many blocks I have completed along the way. 
#1: block 4
#2: block 5
 #3: Block 7

So this half month's progress is 3 blocks of 70, next post will be a whole month so I hope to have many more blocks completed then. Maybe I can complete them all before stash bash and have a fun project to assemble while I am there -- that's some lofty goals as stash Bash is less than 2 months away and i know i have a few other things that will need to be completed before that time. 

Are you working on the Tula Sampler too? Then head on over and link up with Michelle. 


  1. Wonderful start. I plan to start on my blocks next week.

  2. I need to have my book spiral bound too. Thanks for the idea. I like the blocks you've completed so far. I have yet to start but I have an excuse since I was traveling pretty much constantly the past 2 1/2 weeks. Now that I'm home I can get started. This week for sure.

  3. Great idea to have the book spiral bound. I didn't know it was only $5! Love the bunnies on your fabric. Fun colors for your quilt. Are you doing the skyline or the Sliding Scale layout? I haven't decided on layout yet.

  4. Pretty! Which layout are you using?

  5. I brought the book with me to peruse and tag blocks that I want to make. Probably can't start on it until October due to work commitments. I like your starting blocks - great colors.

  6. Whoa! What an excellent idea to have your book spiral bound! That thought never crossed my mind, even as I've laid heavy objects across the pages to keep it from closing. I am off to CopyWorks tomorrow, girl! I am also working on this quilt along and have 34 blocks finished. I am determined to make all 100, but may separate them into different projects. Yours are looking great!

  7. I love spiral bound books and never knew of this service - thanks for sharing! I have a couple cookbooks to do as well...