Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New baby

As people that have been reading my blog for a while know I have been wanting a Singer featherweight for a while but things have fallen through on this front for me. I however still wanted a small machine to take to classes and on trips and after my negative experience with the Pixie Plus and then again at Hancock I had almost given up hope that something that was of quality didn't have to cost a fortune and could still be light weight. Then I saw this posting by Clover and Violet and knew I had found a match for me. I'm funny about what and where I order things from online -- especially when it is a mechanical items because you never know what your getting and I like to be able to make simple returns. The hubby and I were out shopping this weekend during one of my quilting breaks and stumbled upon something that made me sequel and give a happy dance right there in the store, at Target of all places. 
OMG Cuteness!! She is sew cute and so far has exceeded my expectations for this little machine. I tested her out with some of the mug rugs I put together this weekend and she sews a nice stitch  isn't to loud, goes at a smooth and nice speed and is easy to thread. Now I do miss my presser foot up down and needle position buttons and the thread spool is a little short but for traveling purposes it looks like a winner --- I need a little bag for transporting (mostly to ensure I don't forget tools or my presser foot) but she will be filling my lunch hour with sewing and that makes for a happy day. 


  1. I had considered this little jewel as well, I have heard great things about her.
    You forgot to mention the absolute cuteness factor!!

  2. Definitely a high cuteness factor!!