Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Weekend for April -- time is Running out

Had a wonderful time sewing with fellow Guild members Sunday at the sit and sew at Sew Original -- great way to spend a rainy Sunday.

Last week was a fun week for packages at the house -- I sent out my 80's projects , received my 80's project (Alex really outdid herself), got my interchangeable walking foot, got some fabrics in 2 traveling stash boxes and sent out my fat qtr to my swap partner through Facebook.
That is a Sew South Duffle Bag -- my guild mates that went to Sew South were very impressed at the workmanship and I love it because it holds about quilts and I will be taking it with me to set up at events. I had it all loaded for the sit and sew and it had (6 projects in it and all my supplies). 

Saturday I should have worked on getting some UFo's completed and ready for the display this weekend but instead I made a new project. I wanted to make a designer star from my buddy Lee's pattern but wasn't able to do the class last weekend so I went it alone and this lovely appeared on my wall.
I used the modified pattern sizing chart and made it out of 4 inch squares instead of 9 inch squares. I did the echo quilting at the sit and sew and am very happy with the results. (needs binding -- ick)

Between Saturday quilting at home and Sunday at the sit and sew I was able to get quite a bit accomplished all my Mug Rugs got prepared for quilting and these two are waiting on finishing. 
I finally finished the blue modern for the guild donation 
I also worked on quilting my string "star" 
Just some straight line quilting using my new walking foot. (needs Binding -- ick)

I got the elephant parade and t-shirt quilt pinned and ready for quilting -- I might be able to get this one finished this week and ready for the show. 

I must have been on a quilting high because after the sit and sew I also put together the bonus block for the block of the month -- it's a lotus flower block.
and nearly cut my thumb off with the rotary cutter (but no blood on the project-- so score for me) 

I know what I need to finish up by Friday this week in time to take it to Kernersville by 5pm. 
-- stitch up all mug rugs in progress (I believe there are 8 or 10)
-- Make tea cup pincushions (5 in progress currently -- would like to get at least 10 made) 
-- bind string star, storm at sea and designers star 
-- quilt elephant parade 
-- finish up paper piece (maybe) 
-- rewash quilts as needed 
-- pick up raffle quilt (yay a shopping trip)
-- finish up all crochet works in progress with detail work and eyes 

We shall see what I am able to accomplish. 

another Happy Note of my weekend was surprising Brenda Rothrock with a triple chocolate cake for her birthday -- she surely deserved a sweet surprise. 

That's the dish for now -- happy quilting everyone. 


  1. WOW Katie... You have been busy, love the results! Sorry about your thumb, hope it heals quickly!!! Have a great end of the month.. Karen

  2. So happy that you liked the Sew South Duffle bag! Those were a lot of fun to make and I wish you could have been there with us! And I love how roomy they are. I was able to stuff about 8 towels in your for the pictures I took!

    1. I put 7 quilt projects in there for a sit and sew and the ladies in the guild (many of which went to sew south) were very impressed with your patience to make another one esp to then turn around and send it as a gift to a stranger.