Monday, April 22, 2013

April weekend #3

There are only 10 more days till the upcoming Kerner's Folly Spring Fling on May 3 and 4. I am going to be helping out the guild by taking the raffle quilt with me and selling tickets. Isn't in beautiful and some lucky person could buy it for as little as a dollar (or 7 tickets for $5) Kelly is an amazing quilter and I hope this helps draw in money as well as interest in the Triad Modern Guild. 
With the deadline approaching the weekend was full of more quilting and projects being made. 
  • I worked on finishing up my 80's swap projects and need to make one more thing before I ship her out -- by Friday (EEEKK!!!). The quote didn't turn out quite like I planned but I am still happy with the results -- Back to the Future is one of her Favorite movies so I am hoping she is pleased. 
  • CIMG0246
  • My bonus item for my 80's swap is something closer to my love from the 80's -- but another reference to one of her favorites.
  • I started on many more mug rugs -- there are 8 waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. 
  • I am up to 13 pin cushions -- waiting for backing and filling 
  • This week I got 2 crochet animals nearly finished -- both need eyes and the owl needs a beak. A 2nd hippo is nearly completed as well. 
The trouble with events is deciding what to push through and finish and what to either take unfinished (not sure how I feel about that) or push through for the sake of finishing. The benefits of taking something unfinished is it could then be made larger or smaller depending on what the person is looking for. Things in this category are .... 
  • Elephant Parade (just a top) -- 6 hours
  • City Scape (half quilted) -- 7 hours
  • String X quilt (just a top) -- 5 hours
  • Koi Mix up (just a top -- currently in 2 pieces) -- 4 hours
  • Storm at Sea Topper (just a top) -- 4 hours
  • Storm at Sea Runner (needs binding) --1.5 hours
Looks like another busy week ahead -- oh and there are two traveling stash boxes coming my way so check back soon. One came today and is posted here.

Happy Quilting everyone --- and oh yeah here's the dish
Coconut Cake for James' going away party late last week.

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  1. Shame on you for posting that cake at this time of night ;o)!

    Good luck at Kerner's Folly, I hope you sell out!