Monday, April 8, 2013

April weekend #1

So with March being so slim on completed projects I was determined to get a jump on projects this month and really use my time more effectively -- and the extra motivation of the upcoming craft show defiantly helps. 

It was a beautiful weekend here in the Triad and I got to sew all day both days with the windows open.

For starters I completed (ish) the opt of the Elephant parade quilt -- I am stuck on boarders. I can't decide if it needs them or not or what I would do if I did put a boarder. Right now it's an excellent crib or child throw size. I need some feedback on this one. 
Secondly I stitched up the top of a table runner using up some of my extra storm at sea blocks. I need to add a small purple border to this one and layer her up for quilting. I may be able to knock this project out this week as it is only about 12 inches wide and 28 long . 
I got the boarder put on the blue modern charity quilt -- now to re-iron, layer, quilt and bind by the 16th. 
I got my required block of the month finished and I love this one. 
I worked on the cityscape quilt and got about half the quilting done but forgot to take a picture. I think it's because my thread kept breaking and I was getting tired so I just folded it back up to move it off my table so I wouldn't loose my motivation. I got the tree, brick, sidewalk and a few of the flowers finished. All I have to go are the remaining flowers -- about 15 flowers worth, the sashing and the boarder. 
I started refolding my fabric stash it was looking bad and running out into a pile on the floor. See how things are just crammed in there (it was this times 4 plus a paper box of fabrics ) this is a drawer I haven't started.
Now drawer one looks like this and most of the excess from the paper box is in there as well. I haven't sorted by color or project yet because I can't have all the fabric sitting out while I finish folding due to my for legged helpers that would keep knocking piles over.

OH wait wasn't there something else .........

Oh yeah -- I finished the blooming flower. 
It's in the wash waiting for a real reveal 

Happy Quilting Everyone -- May April be prosperous for you as well. 

seriously there is nothing more to see here 

Just Kidding -- you guys get a pre wash picture
That's the dish for now. 

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  1. Wow, you got a lot done! I wish I had so far just a mug rug! I have to make a baby quilt by Saturday! You have lots of lovely projects here. Craft/sewing supplies stash everywhere like I do! Don't even feel bad about your draws, I have storage totes filled with fabric. My husband said no more buying and then I win some. He just laughs now!