Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Little Corner of the World

Well I got the creative space cleaned up enough this weekend to offer a tour. I have moved my creating space a few times and now occupy the largest bedroom in the house because really how much room does on need to sleep.

I love to find things in thrift stores and re-purposing them. My princess chair as it is called was acquired at a thrift shop downtown Winston Salem for $3, cleaned,  spray painted and recovered. The table has been around the family for a while and just needed those white legs and skirting painted black. the little shelf in the wall is a dollar find just spray painted. There is a 4 cube behind the table hiding paperwork, extra tools I rarely use and a scrap bin (when it gets full I force myself to put them in the bigger organized scrap container). One of my favorite things is my tool chest (that needs to be painted) it houses all my quilting tools that are regularly used -- that's 11 compartments of organization.

In front of my table is a book shelf with numerous things that I collect and my crafting books.
My UFO Box sits over there as a constant reminder to not start more projects unless they will fit in the box. I am currently breaking this rule but the other project is the huge paper piece that is in the process of being quilted. I want to keep UFo's to a minimum and find that this is a good place to start.
Often times when projects are waiting for washing or waiting to be sandwiched they end up on the ladder. My CD case sits beside this with all my 80's and 90's  toys. (Can you tell I love things that are colorful?) -- ignore the black table that's in awful shape and it gets used to  hold up large quilts when quilting and actually belongs in the closet. 
Speaking of the closet -- yeah its full of craft stuff also. This large cabinet was something my husband's grandfather made for his workshop and was going to be tossed when his grandmother was moving. I really need to find a scrapbooker that could put some of this stuff to better use because that's what most of it is (and beads, yarn and miscellaneous fabrics that are not for quilting). 

Up next is the repainted and recovered hope chest and my design wall.  A huge felt curtain that I added grommets to for removal if anyone comes to stay with us. (Batting roll -- another thing that should be in the closet). 

Part of my Wonderland collection occupies an antique cabinet that my step father gave to me before his passing. 

On the other side of the door we have quite possibly the largest dresser in the world (just short of the one in High Point). It houses fabric in the bottom 4 drawers and one of the top drawers has things like stabilizers, freezer paper and project baggies in it. The others are more tools from my days as a scrapbooker and files. 
One day all the fabric will look like this and be organized by color or projects.I have decided that I am going to stop buying fabric until I can get a good deal of this made into projects (yeah I didn't believe me either, so we will go with until it all gets organized). The good news with refolding is that it is promoting me to purge some fabrics that I will either be putting online to sell or sending to the guild stash. 
That's my space I hope you enjoyed the tour. I have realized I need to do more purging and stop holding onto so many supplies for crafts I don't do really enjoy any more. 

Happy Quilting Everyone. 


  1. Wow. You have a lot going on in that space.

    You'll need to make room for more stuff. Your name was drawn as the next winner of the Traveling Stash Box #5.
    I sent you an email earlier this evening. I need your address please.

  2. Great space! Love the tool box and ladder!