Monday, April 15, 2013

April Weekend #2 -- time to buckle down

I went into the weekend with hope and anticipation that I was going to accomplish so many things but it seems to me that I ended up spinning my wheels. 

I got some things accomplished --- 
  • I sewed one of my 80's swap projects completed and the other is about 30% done. I am stopping at the quilt shop this evening for some technical help which I think the answer will be applique.
    ( Say Anything)
     (Back to the Future)
  • My Blooming flower is completed and washed -- but it's raining in NC so I will photograph it tomorrow. 
  • Blue Modern will get binding tonight to complete to take to the guild meeting tomorrow.
  • Storm at Sea table runner is put together and quilted -- needs binding (Oh, how I loath binding). 
  • I started 6 mug rugs / pin cushions --- I haven't decided which they will be at this point. I have 2 I know will be mug rugs and the others could go either way at this point. 
  • Crochet critter parts are all ready for assembly -- maybe this afternoon. (2 hippos and an Owl are pending).
  • No progress on the Zakka Swap but I did plan a layout and pulled the batting from my scraps.
  • I also made another UFO -- I know I said I wasn't but in playing with the scraps and this new magazine I got  -- I couldn't resist.
 The project I started out making and the finished project were not the same due my limited ability to follow directions. I love the finished project and it gave me a chance to try out string quilting. --- Here's what I ended up with. 
  • I got another drawer fo fabrics more organized as well and transformed this  into this
Not to bad for spinning my wheels. I need to determine if I am going to put boarders on the elephant parade quilt and that will be a quick finish as well. Much more to work on in the upcoming 3 weeks before the craft show and some display props that need repainting but I feel that it will all fall into place. 
In other exciting news -- I have agreed to take over monitoring the traveling stash boxes and ensure that everybody knows where to look to grab a chance at getting one of these lovely boxes. Thanks for Sewingly Along for thinking of me to take on this endeavor. I do have a traveling box coming soon and will hopefully be posting about it later this week. 

Happy Quilting Everyone and that's the dish for now.

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