Tuesday, April 30, 2013

150 Days in to 2013 -- Goal review time

For those of you that can't tell I am a list maker -- that's my motivation, crossing things off the list to put more things on the list. With the upcoming craft event it looks like several things are getting crossed off that list as the days dwindle down and that makes me one happy crafter. I'm always torn at this point in whether to limit my new projects and only add when I complete projects or start numerous projects and work on them as the mood strikes me --- which usually leaves me feeling under accomplished (but it does make the list longer). I want to work on decreasing my stash I do know that so that I have less guilt about buying new things when I go on a splurge. I am hoping that I will be able to attend the Quilt Expo in Raleigh again this year but I would like to go for at least 2 days this time instead on the one (I'm looking for a roommate if anyone is interested). On to the goals --- 

Goals Completed 
  • Join a Quilting Guild --- Loving it. I have met some many wonderful people and it’s great to have a place that I feel I belong again. 
  • Learned to Paper Piece – it’s awesome and I have completed a few projects so far with many, many more ideas for other ones.
  • Scraps continue to maintain some organization but the ever growing number of them makes it a challenge, however I have been using them more and that makes me happy. 
Goals I’m doing WELL ON 
  • Keeping up with the Blog --- several loyal readers and it provides me with an outlet to see that things are actually getting accomplished when sometimes all I feel I am doing is spinning my wheels. 
  • I completed a class first qtr and there are plenty that I want to take on down the road so I am hoping my schedule cooperates and I am able to keep on track with this one. 
  • Block of the Month project is going well and Block of the week project is coming along – currently 5 blocks behind. I admit I put BOW on hold while preparing for the upcoming craft fair but this is one of the first things I am going to catch up on in May.  
  • Making things I see on Pinterest – at least using them for inspiration 
  • Stretching myself with my FMQ 
  • Making Charity quilts for the guild – I have set out to make 8 this year and so far have completed 5 with the fabric to make at least 3 more 
  • Decreasing the number of UFO’s in my space – currently there are only 5 and many of those will be completed this week.
Goals I need to work harder on 
  • Setting up at more craft shows – I have the Kerners Spring Folly coming up in May and Asheboro Fall festival in November but need to get a few more things lined up to meet my goal of 5 this year.
  • Setting up as an exhibit – still no clue
  • Working on the Craftsy BOM -- this will be one of those new projects starting in May and it also will go toward the guild charity quilts. 
  • Conquering my fear of zippers – I have the triple zip pattern ready but haven’t tried it yet .
  • Reorganization of the craft space for a better use of the space – this might involve selling some furniture, I'm very much considering selling the love seat and possibly the large dresser to be replaced with more practical pieces like bookcases or a taller table for pressing and cutting. 
  • Making a quilt for my dad – thinking a scrappy trip along 
Projects in Progress
  • 10 Teacup Pincushions -- not started (Friday)
  • 10 Mug Rugs -- various states of completion most need binding a few need quilting and binding (Friday) 
  • X marks the spot – needs binding (Friday)
  • Elephant Parade -- needs quilting and binding (Friday)
  • Designer star  -- needs binding (Friday)
  • Storm At sea Table Runner -- needs binding (Friday)
  • T-shirt quilt – Needs Quilting and binding (Friday ?)
  • Storm at Sea -- needs backing, sandwiching, quilting and binding  
  • Finish quilting Cityscape – complete quilting and bind 
  • Smaller Koi Mix up -- needs sandwiching, quilting and binding
  • Zakka project – due 5/28 – got the plans and the fabric, need to work on execution 


  1. Looks like you will have a lot of finishes once all those bindings are done.

  2. Wow, Katie...fabulous list with lots of progress. I notice you are in Winston. I live near Greensboro. Small world. If i may, what guild did you join? I need to check into when Kerners Folly is...that would be a lot of fun. Summerfield's Founders Day is coming soon too. I love those little town festivals. Hope you have a fabulous time.