Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quilting Goals for 2013

I am an obsessive list maker and most of the time this keeps me on track and motivates me to get stuff done – because let’s face it there is great satisfaction in being able to cross something off the list and eventually see that the list completed. Well in quilting the list is never per say completed just revised, so I decided that this year I would set some goals for myself ---
1.       Join a Quilting Guild or Quilting group – I find that I am far more motivated to get things accomplished when I have the support of others pushing me along.
2.       Start a Blog and actually keep up with it – I get my best ideas and motivation from seeing the work that other people at doing
3.       Complete at least 2 projects off my Pinterest quilting board – there are so many to choose from.
4.       Learn to paper piece– I’ve had the book for over a year now and think it’s time to put that into motion.  
5.       Participate in at least one class per quarter at my local quilt shop  -- 1st quarter is taken care of with the fabulous paper piecing class that I will be taking with Ms. Ellen starting just next week.
6.       Complete 2 or 3 different block of the Month / Week quilts – currently on board with Sewingly Yours BOM and getting ready for Quilter’s Loft BOW that are both starting next week. Any ideas on another group to join let me know.
7.       Get the scraps under control – I have tons of scraps and it’s time they made something great. The problem with this goal for me is one of the shops that I frequent (Wish Upon A Quilt in Raleigh) has a great scrap program where you get a large baggie of scraps for a great deal and I always get one or 2 each time I go because you can pick your own scraps rather than the prepackaged ones that some stores offer and I love it. So we can make this goal two fold – make something with the scraps I have and also find a better organization system so that I will know what I have to work with.
8.       Set up at 5+ craft shows this year to get my name out there.
9.       Have my quilts displayed in an exhibit – either for sale or as part of a showing. – I have no idea how to make this happen.
10.   Become a better free motion quilter -- I got an excellent book for Christmas on broadening your motifs and skills and can’t wait to put this to use.  
Well I’m sure there are more but this is a good place to start. Happy Quilting in the New Year.


  1. This is a great to do list!! You should join the Modern Fabric Group Therapy at The Little General! There will ba a block of the month as part of it!

  2. Oh...FMQ, have I got a link for you! The free-motion quilting project with Leah day. She has videos for each stitch!