Friday, January 25, 2013

LQS Love and an Expirenent in Photography

Local Quilt shop day was Yesterday and I was out at my home shop attending week 3 of the paper piecing quilt. Ms. Elen helped me with the overall design that I will be attempting over the weekend and I got some fabric goodies to complete this project. I also finally got a single needle plate for my Viking Baby and am in the process of considering another upgrade to my machine as I am starting to become more interested in adding embroidery into my projects. Time will tell on this one as I am in search for a smaller machine for easier transport to classes and sewing events --- did someone say featherweight maybe?

I also went out to experiment with taking better pictures of my quilts in Yadkinville and found a few spots that might come in handy in the future. I also discovered that my camera is outdated to the point that my hubby's IPhone takes better pictures so the time to upgrade my phone is looming to replace both the camera and the phone I've had nearly 5 years.

Contemplating going to the Statesville Quilt Show tomorrow if I can find someone to go with and if the roads aren't bad or it may be another weekend of quilting and watching movies.
Happy Quilting everyone.


  1. Great photos! That is an awesome spot for quilts!

  2. I love the photo over the creek best - it gives a second dimension to the quilt - especially with the flowing waters.

  3. You make beautiful quilts! The nice photography shows this one off very well ... :) Pat

  4. Thanks Pat -- this one was actually madea while back and I just wanted to use it because of all the colors to get a better idea of how well (or in this case poorly) my camera is functioing. It was a very fun quilt to put together and I had a wonderful teacher helping me. recently I found another 8 blocks that I completed but didn't use in the quilt that I will be turning into a smaller version and I will be sure to post it when I get things finished.