Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One goal accomplished with plans for working on another

Well, I've gone and done it again --- added more onto that quilting plate of mine but this is a good thing. I elected as one of my goals for the upcoming year that I would join a quilters guild and participate actively. Tonight I took that first step and attended a meeting with the Triad Modern Quilters Guild and determined that this is the place that I could see myself growing as a person and a quilter. Everyone was very open, sharing and welcoming. We had a great speaker tonight and several great show and tell projects were brought in. One thing that is going to be great about this guild is the charity work that they participate in -- making quilts for those in need. Well I had been wanting to participate in something like this as well so after the meeting I grabbed a scrap bundle to start on my first project. There were several groupings to choose from but this one large group appeared to be having avoidance issues. This picture illustrates probably why .... at first glance it's huge a 4x4x4 cube of fabric but I felt that this had great possibility. even though it was a brick of blocks that i had no idea what it contained.
 When I got home I unwrapped it and started sorting blocks out to see what all was luring there and begin to get an idea what might be possible (and determine if this was a monster I should have skipped over). Here are a few groupings I am looking at and I think that this will be an opportune time to work in another goal of completing projects from Pinterest because the projects are smaller in nature and going to a good cause.
and there are so many other blocks that I haven't gotten to or aren't included in these pictures. I think that my initial determination in dividing up the blocks put them on in about 8 groupings. I can't wait to get started and see what develops. I also won a door prize at the meeting and think it's just a super cure little take along bag that I am sure will get it's share of use.
Cna't wait for the next meetingto get ot meet more wonderful quilters in the area. Blogging has linked me to a few members already including Lee Monroe who is hosting a great giveaway at this time. It's early in the morning so time to try and get some rest -- gotta have energy to quilt another day.


  1. Hi Katie, so glad you joined the quilt guild. I joined one a couple of years ago and it provides so much inspiration, and help if you need it. Not to mention that twice now someone has brought in bags of their leftover batting that went home with me. Have fun creating with all the material!

  2. Katie, thank you for visiting my blog. I have become a follower of yours.
    Looks like you've got some great projects going there. Have fun!
    blessings, denise

  3. I have loved finding your blog, have joined and and am really looking forward to following you. I rarely give any personal details on my blog and guard my family privacy and reading other blogs I wonder why! The details of family lives of others, along with personal photos make for such interesting reading and help me 'know' my fellow bloggers better. I wish you well in the quilters guild and love the sound of the charity works. Do visit me and enter my giveaway. x

  4. What a fantastic opportunity to really experiment with color and pattern! It will be fun to see the color stories you come up with in your projects!