Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blog hop and update

It's official I'm going to be in the Hugs and Kisses blog hop on Wednesday Feb 13th. I'm lucky because there are going to be quilte a few other bloggers that I currently follwo in the hop and they are all such great quilters. thanks to Jane at for being the host. Looks like that pink beauty has moved her way to the top of the list to be quilted. I wanted to get it finished by the next guild meeting any way so looks like all will work out.

now for the update part -- all paper piece flowers are complete at this time and on the design wall.
Now it's time to move them around and determine the layout and start making the background elements. I am leaning toward a darker brown latice or black at this time because I think white would be to distracting on the other hand it could add an extra pop and make thoes flowers stand out even more.

So I did go out and do a little shop hopping on Monday. FirstI went by Joannes to grab some thread that is 40% off till the end of the month. Next, I went to Knit one Smock 2 to get the black text fabric that I have been admiring from the merona road challange. I also got soem yarn on clearance to remake a gift for my husband that I sold at my craft fair last year.
I then bopped over to Sew Original to check out fabrics since Sunday I spent the whole day sewing instead of looking around. I found quite a few coordinates for a fabric that was in my stash and a cute Tula Pink fabric that I had been looking for recently. Lastly I made my first trip over to the Little General Shop. Gina has such a cute store over there in renolda Village and I rounded out my fabrics to match the stash fabric. This was the first time I have ever been offered to have my fabric wrapped -- which turns out I am a big fan of because that way I can wrap up coordinates in tissue papaer and when I unwrap them it's like a gift to myself all over again. It's the simple things that excite this girl.
I didn't make it to my home store Sewingly Yours today because of other obligations but I will be there on Local Shop Day Tomorrow.

Today's blog has been brought to you by Hurley --- mostly because he wanted his picture taken on what he considers his quilt. Yeah he knows how pretty he is and is not afraid ot tell you about it.


  1. Wow, you had quite a busy day and brought home quite a bit too. your quilt is going to be beautiful. Hurley if very handsome