Sunday, January 27, 2013

Insult, shock and UFO's

Last week I was getting ready for my ongoing paper piece class and encountered an odd event in the realm of quilting --- an insult, rude out of the way insult. Another lady in my class was admiring my blocks as they were on the table while I was shopping and I had another project in my hand when I came in to take my seat. The lady behind me complimented me on the blocks and asked about the item in my hand -- so as I was showing her some of my UFO's another lady came from across the room and interjected herself into our conversation. At the start she was fine and called me an over achiever because all my blocks were ready for class, no problem I've got that one before (even though this was the homework for the class). As the three of us continued talking about the other projects she decides at that point to drop this gem --- "obviously you have no life." REALLY, WHAT? I kinda stood there for a brief moment saying nothing and then the lady walked off. The first lady then looks at me and was like I can't believe she just said that about you, and neither could I.

I love quilting, it's one of my top 5 favorite things to do. I love all most all the parts of the process, the joy of completing a project and seeing the joy that it brings to other people to receive a quilt and knowing the difference a quilt can make in someone's life. So guess the joke's on her. As a matter of fact I added to my UFO's this weekend with another project for the guild charity drive. This one is inspired by the new Easy Quilts magazine I got a few weeks ago.
I also found another 4 completed blocks to pair up with the other 4 from my scrap bin to nearly have another quilt top in a throw size -- I just need to add a ban on each side.

I also finished my Block of the Month block for Sewingly Yours in preparation for the February meeting.                              

                                                                                  I'm very pleased with the projects and now it looks like I need to get to pinning and quilting them so that I will be able to turn them in soon. It's a good thing that I have all these projects to work on and all the items here at home to work on them because here's the shock, due to a paperwork error it looks like I owe some money to the feds and the state because according to my W2 I not having taxes withheld for the last 9 months (and I work for the state, so I really don't know how this happened). I hope this is an error in the paperwork that was sent to me and not actually a truth that I will be facing in the next few months. I have a wonderful father that is helping me out but it looks like I will be home much more on the weekends and finishing up these projects. ( I checked on this issue today and was put in the system as tax exempt -- so the error falls on me to make up for) unfortunately this also means that my machine upgrade is on hold and I won't be getting a Singer featherweight unless I find an amazing deal on one -- I almost had one on Ebay earlier but the price spiked in the last hour.

Thanks for reading and as always that's the dish Happy Quilting.


  1. Your blocks are beautiful! I like the pattern from the Easy Quilt magazine. Thanks for sharing! Really, you should not give the rude person in your class another thought; she must have been having a bad day and should not have been trying to pass it on to you. Most of us really do see other quilters' accomplishments as inspiration. Hopefully the tax paperwork will prove to be an error to your benefit. In the meantime ... just keep sewing ... just keep sewing ... :) Pat

  2. I think the rude lady might be a little jealous that she doesn't put aside enough time to have fun with her quilting. If you are organized you can get a lot done in a few minutes here and there.

  3. Your blocks are beautiful! I've had similar comments when I finish a project quickly. People are crazy, but thankfully we're one of the normal ones. :O)

  4. that is crazy rude... ignore and be glad that you at least are able to not be rude by not having homework done

  5. Thanks for the encouragment ladies -- I've always been an over achiever and many times people are just rude about it because they don't measure up to the standard that I put my self at.

  6. Oh Katie, I so understand! I went to a "show and tell" day at our local Quilt shop and shared a few projects I had completed in the previous 2 months. One lady asked me, "How do you have time to do all those projects" and another lady replied, "oh she stays at home with her baby so she doesn't have to do anything else but Quilt!"

    I hate to say it, but there will always be someone who is not positive about your work. Personally, I think you are doing a fantastic job on your projects! I recently read a blog post from a rather well-known and super-talent long-arm quilter who was crushed over people's negative comments, so know you are not alone. Keep on sewing, learning, being challenged, and grow! Remember: You can do it!