Sunday, January 6, 2013

Conquring Mt Scrapula

I have succeeded in organizing my scraps so that they are contained in one area and organized in a more accessible manner. I was needing to go through them in preparation for the upcoming paper piecing class and decided it was worth the extra time to go ahead and clean things up while i was at it. When the project started I had 3 paper boxes mostly full of scraps. they were mostly separated into large zipper baggies by color or project or I'm ot lazy to sort this out now. Many of the baggies would not close and if you tried pulling something out you were just as likely to create an explosion of fabric as get the piece out. At first I considered the clear shoe box method but determined that this was much like the bags and takes up more room. I have seen on Pinterest using the clear over the door holders for scraps but knew with having cats this would also not be a good plan because the only non accordion door that I could use is the main door to the room meaning they would have full access to something shinny that they were not supposed to mess with -- I would have given this solution about a day. I knew I needed something divided and sturdy that could easily be transported around the room thus the solution that my husband found -- an under the bed shoe organizer.
and this is what it looks like all closed up and ready for putting away
In working at this process I also discovered that I had completed blocks from previous projects and
with the addition of a few more I will have a wall hanging top. I'm frequently amazed at how a small change makes such a grand difference.
Happy Day the scraps are sorted and now I have plenty of scraps to start on my paper piecing project coming up.


  1. Love the underbed storage box! Great solution! I go through my scraps a couple of times a year, cause I always forget what I put in my scrap bin, could be treasures there, just like you found!

  2. I found about 30 fat qtrs and several yeards of fabric that had been mixed in after completing projects.

  3. I tried to reply to your comment, but you are a no-reply blogger and there was no email attached to your comment. You wanted to know how join our blog hop. There will be a link up at the end of the blog hop. You link up a photo of a project or block made from one of the tutorials and you will be eligible for the giveaways. The different participants/tutorials are listed on my posting. Let me know if you have more questions!

  4. I couldn't respond to you either (no-reply blogger) so I came to visit. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet and groovy comment. I have instructions on my sidebar on how to change to a reply blogger if you're interested. :O)

  5. "Mt Scrapula" ... I love it! Lol! I have one of those myself.

    I also have quilty cats and know how helpful they are.

    I am a new follower so I can find the trail back to Mt Scrapula.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving lovely comments.

    Have a happy, quilty day! :) Pat

  6. wonderful idea! I, too, have LOADS of scraps and get totally overwhelmed by them. Not to mention the yardage stash!!