Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year -- New Room Reveal

A few months back my hubby decided that he wanted to move our bedroom back downstairs because our room upstairs is better for winter sleeping the only problem with this is that this would mean moving the craft room to the upstairs. He agreed that he would take care of all the moving and in the future when I am going to classes or sew ins he would bring the machine and supplies downstairs for me -- OK buddy you got yourself a deal. In the mean time my sister calls me and has decided to make a day trip to concord mills and wants to know if I can meet up with her -- so I head off to Concord and leave him to it.
(sis on the left and my niece Emily on the right)

I come home and the house is a mess but many of the things have been moved up from the sewing room and once I help move the mattress the organization in the new crafting space can begin. It's taken me a while to get things all moved about but I think that I am mostly there in getting the room set up the way that works best for quilting. So here are a few pictures of things in my new space.
When you enter the room you see the armoior on the back wall with fabric scraps by size in the bins and folded fabric in the drawers -- fabric groupings on the top shelf (top rate on the top shelf). The back wall also has 2 large windows that let in a great deal of natural light and in the far corner is the bookshelf that houses books, magazines, embroidery supplies and works in progress. 

In the middle of the room is my work station with all my most needed tools right on the table and even a thread catcher mug (Lee, I'm trying to be better about throwing stuff in the floor). The fold out desk being supported by a set of drawers my grandfather made. Nothing in those yet but perhaps this will be my new WIP storage. 

Behind the sewing desk is the cutting table which doubles as more room when FMQ or as a work area for another quilter to come and play. I have a large basket on one side of the table to catch scraps and a trash can on the other (wanna guess which sees more action?). My rulers will eventually be hung on this wall for easy access -- I tried the command hooks but they just wouldn't stay up with the type of walls that we have it kept pulling the paint and crash to the floor so we can't go that route. 

On the wall beyond the cutting table is my design wall and it's also the wall I look at while sewing. I love it because it is big enough to put a queen size quilt on but removes for easy storage. (Don't mind that craziness on the wall -- it's a scrappy quilt back in progress.)

That brings us back around toward the door and tucked in the front corner of the room is the other dresser and this one is full of fabric. On top of that is the tool chest with all the other quilting tools that I have that get used less often. 

There are a few small things still need to be completed
  • new ironing surface or recovering the board that I have (seriously ick -- this is disturbingly gross) 
  • purge out 85% of all scrap-booking supplies (I'm not scrap-booking any more so I need to find someone to make use of these goodies.) Then I will have room for the batting roll to come back in the room. 
  • hubby is talking about wall mounting a TV in my room which I am not sure about -- I kinda like not having a TV in there, it's quiet. 
  • paint over the mauvey pink wall 
  • hang the rulers on the wall and get them off the floor 
  • hang wire line from Ikea to display smaller projects

  • purge fabric in the upcoming 6 months so that maybe everything will fit in one set of drawers -- I'm shooting for the armoir then the other dresser may be able to leave the room and I could get a comfy chair. 

  • I hope you all enjoyed the tour, it feels good to have thing settled in once again  and I look forward to getting some of these things accomplished very soon to make the room more perfect for me. 


    1. Nothing like moving your workspace to get you organized.

    2. Great space! You deserve an awesome quilting room. And I agree with the lack of TV. I either have it quiet or internet radio!

    3. Wish I had a new room to move into, put I am rearranging the sewing room, more binds. Your work space looks great. Happy quilting and a Happy New Year.

    4. Ah reorganizing is always a great thing. And I too seriously need a new ironing board cover. I'm considering making one that will make me happy to look at but I'm worried it would eventually look like ick too.