Monday, January 20, 2014

Confessional Time

I fell off the wagon during the IG destash last week -- I made it 16 days into the new year with out a necessary purchase as outlined in the guidelines of Fabriholics Anonymous. 

And I feel very good about my purchases because they were from my dream fabric list. Don't we all have those? Fabrics no longer in print or very difficult to find. For me there are 3 lines that I know I will always purchase if I see them --- 

Parisville by Tula Pink -- in the pink / green colorway 

Central Park by Kate Spain 

Rockin Romance by Pat Bravo

So during the destash I was able to pick up a Layer Cake of Central Park --- an ultimate find for me and a bit of Parisville. I also sold a few things so it evens out. 

SO what dream lines do you have? who else has fallen off the FA bandwagon? I am setting myself a purchase limit and bonuses for each project I am able to finish and saving this up for the upcoming quilt show in Statesville -- because it's a great one and I know I'm going to buy something while I'm there. Every diet is better with the occasional splurge so I'm back on for now and I have extra incentive to get more done in the upcoming 2 weeks. 


  1. I haven't fallen off the wagon yet, but it is really hard with all the destashing going on at Instagram. The only line that I can think of that I would really jump through hoops for is Mendocino by Heather Ross. I have seriously considered going the spoonflower route just to get some of those mermaids.

  2. I did an oops. I did not get my monthly basics fabric fat quarters cancelled in time. They are out of the pantone color of the year though. Other than that I have been okay.

  3. I am on the wagon but I understand! I have had to just delete all fabric newsletter because of all the sales and great buys. You did get some great lines though and got ride of some stash so think of it like a trade. You traded in what you had for stuff you didn't!

  4. I think I lasted two days. But I AM trying to limit what I buy. I'm always on the lookout for rock n romance. It's the fabric I'm using to (very slowly) redecorate out living room.