Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sew Random Thoughts

We had some snow here this week -- Nugget was not impressed 
I work for the state so we closed a few hours early one day and went in on a delay the next. I'm usually very good about using free minutes for sewing but this time I just didn't and I kinda feel out of sorts. Now, I did go to my sewing room and I managed to process the rest of my scrap-bin and put away the cut scraps but no actual sewing took place. 
I seem to be in a rut ---- a lack of motivation rut. I have 3 sew alongs that I am wanting to get this weeks assignment done and linked up but can't seem to find the motivation to actually follow through with making that next step. 
-- I Need to pull fabric for the link up on 1/31

-- I'm actually behind on this one the sewing link up is Sunday 2/2 but once it's cut it goes together super quick. 

-- The next link up on this one is next Wednesday the 5th but it should be no problem to cut these -- I think I've decided that I'm only doing a 2 x 2 layout. I'm not passionate about these fabrics, I won them and am trying to push myself to use them. 

My UFO list is starting to haunt me a little but nothing is on a hard deadline and I think that helps to a degree. Friday evening and Sunday will be for sewing, as I will be heading off to Statesville on Saturday for the Quilting and Needle Art Extravaganza, it's a great show usually so I am looking forward to it -- there goes the fabric fast again but as long as I stick to my budget I should still fit into my fabric diet rules. 

On a related note, I'm restarting the fast in February -- on the 2nd and hope to do much better in the upcoming months as I plan to go on the Quilt Carolina shop hop again this year and I better make some serious room for that. This is usually in the Fall so at least I have time to clear some stuff out. 


  1. I haven't found the urge to really sew either. Sometimes just a small one-block mini helps. I like how you have lightened up the look of your blog - very pleasant.

  2. I work for the state of Texas. We got to go in late on Tuesday because of the ice.

  3. I am at a lack for motivational words otherwise I would share. Good luck on take 2 of the fabric fast :)