Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not a stitch was made

After a long holiday weekend I am here to report that no sewing happened but lots of great things happened in my sewing room --

The rulers are off the floor
Got the scrap basket off the floor and tested out the Go Baby cutter. (No more throwing things in the floor.)
We moved the dresser out of the room (now hubby has a better place to put his clothes) and rehoused the fabric in the drawers beside the sewing machine -- with a 30% decrease in my folded fabric stash it would all fit here. 
So why did we take on all this extra work just to move a dresser? 

Because this freed up lots of room for my new custom Ironing station -- take it all in, it's pretty awesome (2 feet deep, 6 feet long and 3 feet tall). 
It cost about $100 and consists of 2 wide wire racks from Target, MDF board covered in insul-bright and fabric (stapled to the under side). The top is removable and the whole thing can be moved. I got a few S-hooks so that I can hang my spray bottles from them -- no more hunting for the bottle or falling over. 
The Ikea Hanging wire got hung -- I'm ready to hang my doll quilt once it arrives. 
and as a bonus we painted the Mauve wall and it really brightens up the room.

In all this cleaning out and moving around, I also revamped the WIP list. It's longer than I thought but I can't wait to get started on these, hopefully some of this will happen later this week.
So that just leaves purging out the excess of my scrapbook supplies and the room will be nearly perfect. YAY!!

Here's another look --- at the before 

seriously EUGH -- how did I live with this for so long when the results are so much better 
It may snow here tonight and that would be OK by me -- you all saw the length of that list.

Happy Quilting Everyone.


  1. I like that wire shelving and may have to look for that - plus the extra large ironing surface. Great new work space sure to inspire!

  2. Lookin' very nice up in there!

  3. Your space is amazing!!! I need to invest a few days or so, to organize all my sewing stuff, and this is very inspiring.

  4. I love your ironing center! I need to figure out if I can fit one in my tight space. Thanks for sharing on Freemotion by the River.

  5. Love your color coded drawers.

  6. Great use of space and wonderful to have I am sure. Clever.

  7. Never thought in a million years that I would have ironing board envy. But that set up is sew sweet!!! Congrats on all the beautiful upgrades to your sewing space!

  8. What a neat ironing station and you have really made your room look great!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  9. Ah, your room looks SO nice! I think, though, you should still throw things on the floor occasionally. That's the only thing to do when you're in the groove of quilting up a storm!

  10. Love your set up! Happy sewing...

  11. wow I really love your ironing station-I am using an antique ironing board-that is smaller than regular ones-cause that is all that fits in my room-and it is a royal pain to use-just too small-love yours. my room is definately getting a spring cleaning this spring-its too cold in there now-
    love your bright background here too-Kathy I am visiting from lets bee social-nice to meet you

  12. Cool ironing station! Well done! And a little but jealous about those beautiful, neatly folded, color organized fabrics in the drawers!

  13. It looks great. Sometimes you have to organize to be better at creating.

  14. What is the shirt swap all about?