Friday, January 24, 2014

January Check IN

It's time for the January check in with Fabriholics Anonymous and I have to report that I have had a few minor setbacks recently including these purchases during a recent trip to Cary for an interview. I went to 3 shops (2 new to me) -- the 2 larger pieces are probably going to be backings.
I already talked about these fabrics that I got during the destash on IG -- 2 lines from my dream fabrics.

I have also had some fabric sales during the instagram destash and through a fabric swap group on Facebook so I am pretty sure I've still had more fabric go out than come in so that has to count for something. Perhaps I'm on a diet rather than a fast -- cause there is that quilt show coming up next weekend and I know I'm going to falter then as well but I have my budget set.

I also have 3 finished projects (carry overs from 2013) this month and have several that are nearly completed once I am able to get back in the sewing room -- this silly stomach virus has me down again.
You can read all about those finishes here, here, and here -- According to my estimates I have used an approximate 20+ yards of fabric in these projects.
I have 12 items on my WIP list so I am hoping that this weekend will be one for sewing.
Happy Quilting everyone.


  1. Hope you feel better. Love your quilts. Fabric Diet. Hmmm. As long as more goes out than comes in why not. Right.

  2. ooh i love that little mini on the top left. and good for you for destashing.

  3. Love the fabrics you got while on your fabric diet. Oh, I do hope you feel better soon.

  4. Love your finished projects. I may have to take your approach and go with the fabric diet not the fabric fast! You have a great selection of fabrics to work with. Sad that I missed the instagram destash!

  5. I'm just glad that I'm not on Instagram. That would have been really dangerous.

  6. I say you're doing pretty good :) Just stick to the budget for the show... leave debit and credit cards in the car LOL