Saturday, March 2, 2013

What have you flickin done to me?

Blogging has really opened up some new doors for me cratively and I wanted to share with you all some of the exciting things that I am going to be taking part in the in the next few months.

the covert robin button
I was notified earlier who I will be sending to and I need to start putting my ideas together for her project. I checked out her blog earlier and there aren't mant craft related items there but she does have a good deal of other information so I am thinking that I might make up a wall hanging for her in the colors that are on the blog page to reflect her family. One month deadline on this one.
Also I discovered via another blog  this is a swap designed for people that love the 1980's
 and then I taught myself how to make a mosaic of everything that I love about the generation that I grew up in and some designs that made the 80's feel modern again. Signups for this one end Monday and by next Friday I will know who I am crafting for. This one will be 2 months.
With my ongoing UFO projects at least I will be keeping busy but havign a great time in the process. I say this as I have not sitched a stich today , or prepared for the guild sit and sew timorrow.  

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  1. You are really looking for new projects aren't you? Have fun with it!