Sunday, March 17, 2013

NQD part 1 -- slow going

I am pleased to announce that I got a few things crossed off the list for national quilting day -- not many but I still have tomorrow.
Prince Charming is ready to be washed and then off to the senior center for donation.
I did have a slight problem when one of the pins somehow wound its self inside the quilt -- anybody ever had this happen before? My hunny came to the rescue and cut the pin apart to get it out
I got caught up on all my block of the week blocks -- Ruth
and my March Blockof the Month flower block
I worked on goodies for the 2 swaps
Large Mug Rug completed --- I can't show you a full picture (it's supposed to be a surprise after all), the red border contains a paraphrase of one of my cover robin's favorite quotes.  I am also sending this little guy to brighten her day.
I still need to crochet the feet and beak but he is really starting to shape into an owl.
I went and got fabrics for the 80's project (that middle one is chocolate brown) because I needed them and this happened
I got the blue modern blocks started but more on that tomorrow.
I had a wonderful Kitty helper today. If he wasn't under my feet
He could be found stealing my chair
In non quilting news I did something a little crazy today while I was out.

12 inches gone just like that -- when the hubs came back to pick me up he nearly ran into another car in the parking lot. I wanted to donate to Locks of Love but my hair had become to damaged in the last year -- or the stylist was just being lazy about sending it off. It's going to be a big adjustment but overall I am pleased with the job that she did. Let me know what you think.
That's the dish for now -- Happy Quilting everyone.


  1. You did get a lot done with your quilting, and I love the hair cut! It looks great on you.

  2. Wow, I've never had a pin do that. Glad you were able to dig it out. Your hair looks great!

  3. GREAT haircut! I should really do that, too.

    Hope you're enjoying blog-land so far! I look forward to seeing your projects take shape!