Friday, March 22, 2013

What's in a name?

This last week has been a pretty lucky one for me I have to say, I got my covert robin shipped out earlier in the week, went to the guild meeting and am participating in the Zakka swap with them and I've won 2 giveaways. There was the beautiful pillow that will be arriving any time now that I mentioned before and today I was notified that 2 yards of beautiful Batik fabrics will be coming my way as well thanks to the mid march giveaway over at (again happy birthday to Charlie). In the announcement blog Bev wrote -- Her blog name makes her sound so interesting, doesn't it. So I thought I would take a moment and explore my blog title and a bit about myself with my readers as this was one thing I thought most about in deciding to blog. I wanted something that was a complete reflection of the person that I am and Incorporated several of the things that I enjoy doing most in life.
Snuggle Up --- refers to my love of quilting, kitties and my love of movies. I have always been the type to have a blanket with me at all times. I love being covered up. This could be because I am usually cold no matter the temperature outside my feet get cold. Quilts to me are a representative of love for one another -- we make quilts mostly for others because we care about them (there for a quilt can be seen as a representative of a hug for a lived one when we are not able to be there no matter the reason. I keep multiple quilts on my couch and can often be seen with a kitty in my lap. one of my favorite things to do is also watch movies -- I am a huge movie nut and look for ways to drop movie references and quotes into daily life. date night often times consists of a movie and popcorn snuggled up with my hunny on the couch. We met because of my love of movies, I was going through a difficult separation and went into the video store where he was working and we hit things off right away and haven't been separated since.
with a dish --- I love to talk to people (or dish) and comfort people when they are in need. My work history has been challenging at times because of the people that I have elected to work with in human services. I've worked with senior citizens coping with loss of independence and frequent loss, heroin abusers, prescription drug addicts, individuals with severe mental illness from age 6 to 65 and now I work assisting people that are unemployed. I have seen and helped some people at the lowest that they will probably get in their lives and worked with them to regain some sense of themselves. the dish also refers to my love of cooking for others and love of eating great food. Being southern and from a typical large southern family it's all about pleasing each other and providing good food to those that you care about as a  sign of love.
I hosted Christmas this year and after some speculation, I wowed them with a Bacon wrapped Turkey
And fudge cake trifle
This week to celebrate 2 coworkers birthdays I brought in a Carrot cake
and I think they liked it -- because this is all that was left after half an hour and I only work with 5 people that eat cake (one is gluten free and another doesn't like sweets)
from Karma --- Karma is something that i believe in deeply and I have always used Karma in my screen names and emails. I have a bit of a temper when I feel that I have been wronged in some manner and when I was younger my friends would say "you better watch out, Karma's gonna get you." So the nickname stuck. I like people that are straight with me and hate mind games people sometimes play to try and manipulate situations. I hold people to a level of standard that I am willing to meet myself. I expect people to try and put effort into living rather than being a spectator (or as i see many times the victim in your own life).
So that's the dish for now -- more quilting this weekend. Hopefully i can knock out some more of those UFO's. I also have ot do a mock set up for vendor applications for some of the upcoming craft events because I forgot to take an official picture of my setup during my first show. Seeing as it was indoors this might not have helped me anyway because the ones coming up in the spring are outside shows that require a tent.


  1. That bacon-wrapped turkey, OMG! Bacon makes everything so much better!
    Love reading about your name!

  2. I was thinking the same thing Kelly! Ditto!

  3. Oh I love that poster of Moulin rouge!!!