Thursday, March 28, 2013

Diamonds in the Rough

Today at lunch I decided to pop over to a little shop in town to look for some display items for my upcoming craft events this shop has great antiques and some other random goodies that make me feel creative. It's a little shop but there is stuff everywhere to keep you looking. It's called Miss Emmily Antiques and it's right on  East Main street near the Yadkin Arts Council. So if you made it this far you might be asking what is a quilter doing writing a blog about shops in a small town -- well I tell ya, it's because of the wonderful finds I stumbled across today. ANTIQUE QUILTS ans NOTIONS. I was like a big ole kid when I discovered some of these treasures and it all started with the front door.

This one is kind rough compared to the others but the colors are still beautiful and you can tell that it has been loved.
Then there are these beauties

I see some of you eyeballing those old spools
There were also some other notions available ---- a full display of old bias (lookin at you Sewingly Along)
old buttons

Old package of threads
Wooden thread Spools -- sorry I bought this one

There are so many other great thing in there. I love to support local small businesses and she's going to be open all weekend for those of you that are local to the area --- might be a good trip if your off work tomorrow for the Easter holiday.

I also did a little exploring in King when I was working in Mt Airy earlier this week and went into Papananna's-- such a great shop with all kinds of crafts and fabrics. I did buy a few things in there and know I will be visiting again soon.
I got some exciting squishy mail this week as well

I'm heading up to Cherokee Casino on Saturday with my Dad so tomorrow might be my big cleaning and sewing day this weekend, Maybe I'll win that big jackpot while I'm there. Think of all the fabric I could buy then (little girl laugh). I may see if he's willing to stop in a fabric store I found up there -- but the odds are not in my favor on this one.

Beautiful Camila flowers from the hedge of a coworker in an antique emerald vase. Happy Quilting everyone


  1. Looks like you discovered some awesome stuff Katie! Love those trims! ;)

  2. Ohh, that is an awesome little antique store! Glad you went to Papanana's! Have fun in Cherokee, and remember: you can't win if you don't play *wink*!