Monday, March 18, 2013

NQD part 2

I know National Quilt Day was Saturday but I made it a weekend affair  and day 2 brought more progress to that ole UFO checklist

1.  I got the t shirt quilt top finished and the backing made -- apparently I forgot to take pictures

2. Storm at Sea top is ready to show to the quilt shop. They wanted a sample with some of the new batik fabrics and I love this red  fork and spoon fabric so I volunteered to lend them mine because I was buying the fabric anyway. It's going to be a wall hanging in my kitchen when I get it back 

3. Blue Modern top is nearly complete -- I need to put the blue border on it (the pick is the top laying on the back while I decided if I wanted the blue border). I don't think I will have this one ready in time for the meeting this week (tomorrow) but hopefully by next month. 

4. I started on the design for my 80's project -- I found inspiration in a stamp design I saw while at the craft store this weekend. I love finding inspiration in unusual places. 

Overall I am pleased with the progress that I was able to make this weekend and only missed 2 (well 3) things from my list. I didn't piece the Elephant Parade top and didn't quilt the blooming flower (Kelly Wood I hear you over there). No progress on the City View either -- but that was a maybe all along. Today I'm finishing up that blue modern and the final touches on my Covert Robin. My little girl kitty has tried to lay claim to the Owl and the Mug rug  as her own, she loves having a baby to play with and thought that "quilt" was just the right size for her. I wish I had been able to catch a picture because she was on the table (bad kitty) on the mug rug hugging the owl. I figure I better get this shipped out ASAP or Miss Doodle might hide the owl and lay further claim to things that re not hers.

Happy Monday everyone and Happy Quilting.


  1. You are putting me to shame. Work, and my commute, along with the time change have me exhausted! And my teaching schedule has mushroomed! Well, I am on vacation next week and will be taking a sewing machine with me! You keep sewing!

  2. How did you make the storm at sea quilt? was it paper pieced? or a pattern?

  3. Oh by the way, check out TGIFF ( and if you would like to link up your finish posts to the weekly linky party, its a fun and encouraging group to join. It has been such a motivation for me to complete projects and share them. Keep up the good work girl!

    I would have sent this to you in a private message, but you are listed as a no-reply blogger (ie not possible to email you directly)