Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A little birdie....

Of course I am talking about the Covert Robin Swap that I am participating in with the deadline quickly approaching in another 2 and a half weeks. I have my partner and she looks like a person that I could easily see myself being friends with if we lived closer. Thanks to Melissa over at http://ahappystitch.com/ I have been able to read many new blogs by bloggers that I find inspiring.
It took me several days of stalking her and eventually looking her up on Pinterest (don't we love Pinterest --- check out my boards over at http://pinterest.com/katieyoakum/) to get my idea more concrete for her project. The first part is great because it is handwork and I can work on it during slow times or while I watch TV at night. I am making a cute little crochet critter in her favorite color and I think it is an animal that we have in common -- the Owl. 
Oh how I love little Owlies and this provides me an excuse to go to the craft store to finish it up with felt embellishments. I usually make the hippos and everyone loves them but i wanted to try a new critter and think that this pattern needs more detail work to pull off the owl look. I am planning a few other goodies for my partner as well including either a wall hanging or mug rug to illustrate things that I have learned about her while stalking observing her virtual presence. 

I also thought I would make a  note to my covert robin since we did not put details about ourselves on the sign up for this swap. I love the color raspberry pink -- my crafting space is done primarily in this color and black. I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, Imagine and believe are my favorite words, I love the Beatles and the Bee Gees (even though I was born in the 80's). My favorite animals are Owls, cats and elephants. I am a Sagittarius and astrology.com pin points my personality. 

I can't wait to follow up and see what everyone is creating and find out who my partner is. 

I am also taking part in another swap celebrating the 1980's and am working on creating something amazing for that one as well -- it even has it's own pinterest board because my lady has so many interests and some of the requests seem to slightly conflict with the style of the 80's (colors mainly) but I have an idea forming and need to get out the ole drawing board. 

Not much crafting or quilting this weekend as we went to Greenville, NC to see the in laws. 

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  1. Oh how cute! Who does not love an crochet critters or owls? I'm sure your partner will love it! Great idea to include some details about yourself too! :)