Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Another weekend of quilting and I feel quilt accomplished. I didn't get done what I thought I was going to work on this weekend which was re pinning and quilting the paper piece project but I did get several other things moved along (nothing completed but that's OK). Also I got new light bulbs on the daylight spectrum for my room and that is making such a difference -- it's the small things that make this girl happy.

Item one was to assemble the t-shirt quilt top -- nearly there I just have to add the borders and then the top will be complete.  They still need to be pieced but I was putting them up on the wall to make sure that the top was still going to fit the backing that I found while out this weekend--- it's Star Wars Minky style fabric which means I won't have to add as much batting to this project.

Next I wanted to practice more FMQ on the guild top that I had finished last week -- now all I have left on this cutie is the binding and off to the guild she goes. I feel that the quilting turned out very nice on this one -- I used the frixion marker and drew all over the top before sitting down at the table, even though I didn't follow the lines.

I also got caught up on my Bible Studies block of the week series that is being hosted by The Quilter's Loft in Mooresville, NC -- check out their blog at I was 5 blocks behind and now I am ready for the new block coming out tomorrow. I am loving these blocks because it gives me the chance to use up my neutral scrap which I'm starting to run low on variety so I may be making a trip to Raleigh in the near future if I can't find something online to order -- perhaps I will try Craig's List.

I had already completed
Genesis and
 (this one needs to be redone)

My hubby has requested that we make a project together and he wants a quilt of his favorite Transformer's character Soundwave -- here is the initial mark up using software.

Well I know that the beginning of the week is going to be filled with working on that PP quilt, I want to have some quilting holding it together (or at least get all those pins closed) before I take it in for the final wrap up class on Thursday. I had a real blond moment with this one when I first sandwiched her together -- I closed about a third of the pins and then went to take care of something else and when I came back I just folded it up with the open pins and all. So now when I open it up to show people I make it rain pins. Learned that one at the guild meeting.

 I was just notified that I will have another Traveling stash box coming my way in the next week and this one has plenty of patterns and fabrics that look promising to me. 

Happy Quilting -- this has been the latest dish.

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  1. wow looks like you have been up to a lot! lovely work!