Friday, February 22, 2013

it's like Roswell over here

UFO's everywhere!!! All these plans gone uncompleted are taking over the crafting spaces of good quilters everywhere and  It's a global epidemic. Probing into the source it appears that it is the quilter herself that poses as the host source. Why do we get roped in to this pattern? I know why, it's all the pretty new fabrics and dancing ideas of wonder that comes from the quilt shop high. It starts out with I just need some thread or a fat quarter to finish off that latest project and before you know it Ben Franklin is coming back to you dressed as Alexander Hamilton or Abraham Lincoln and you now have another project for that someday and you forgot the thread. Thus the cycle continues because you're eventually going to need to go back for the "thread". 

How is one quilter supposed to overcome this infliction? Take inventory and work diligently to find that someday in the now, before adding more to the pile finish something. It could be something as simple as binding that one project, framing a quilt block, knocking out a small project in an evening. 

So here goes -- what UFO's are lurking in my space 

  • A City View -- needs quilted and bound 

  • Project Lotus -- another PP that is in the design phase 
Pond Management
  • Star Wars t-shirt quilt -- most of the shirts are ready (one more to go -- which did arrive in the mail about 2 weeks ago) then assembly of the quilt top
  • Block of the Week -- about 5 blocks behind at this time -- hopefully I can knock this one out in about 2 hours this weekend 
  • Koi Mix up part 2 -- needs boarders, backing, quilting and binding
  • Purple and Gold -- needs backing, quilting and binding

  • Paisley Elephant -- several blocks remain to be put together
  • Blooming Flower -- needs to be sandwiched and quilted 

  • Pink star -- needs sandwiching, quilting and binding
  • Froggy Day -- in pieces currently (a little more assembled than in the picture)

  • Blue Modern -- in the design phase
  • Scrappy trip along for Dad -- no progress at this time 
  • Block of the Month -- right on track for next meeting on 3/5
  • triple zip bag -- no progress at this time but I think I have the courage to give it a try
  • block of the month for guild -- got all the directions ready but no progress at this time (20 blocks to go)
Well I think that might be all the hidden projects in the works and there are still more in the someday pile that don't even have names or ideas at this time plus different ones that I know I want to try my hand at in the future... cathedral windows, blooming nine patch, other paper pieces, applique (maybe). Who knows what the heavens will bestow upon me next? 

Happy quilting everyone and look out for all those UFO's. 


  1. you are speaking my language!...oh by the way I ordered the charm...and, I am in LOVE with the Star Wars Tee Quilt!!! sigh....

  2. You CAN do it! You have a great selection of pretty UFOs to choose from and I'm going to follow along with you!