Sunday, February 10, 2013

where did the week go?

This week has been hectic to say the least and I am finding that I am doing more reading on blogs than updating my readers on the progress that I have been making. Well the pp class wrapped up -- in a way, we have had an additional class added on in 3 weeks to come back together and show our projects at that point and get instruction on putting on boarders. Well as you know I went to class with a finished top minus boarders last week so that I what I have been spending some of my time on recently. I am proud to announce that coming in at 90 by 100 is the completed top for "city view"

She's so large the hubs and I had to move the couch and stand on the 2nd level of the house to get a good picture of the whole quilt top (well nearly the whole top). I have already started to think about how I want to quilt the different elements but dread the task of sandwiching and pinning. I am thinking if I use basting spray this may help some but first I need to find a space and time to spread it out properly that does not have my 3 best helpers (my kitties) and is preferably not on the floor ---- any thoughts?
I started out my Saturday with making a list of things that I wanted to complete this weekend or at least in the next week -- obsessive list maker here -- the boarders and getting measurements for pp was on the list. I then moved to cutting the blocks for the upcoming guild  Rainbow brick swap, and this was easy enough. I am hoping that the ladies love the rich purple that I selected because this one has been in my stash for some time because I love it and never had the right project for it so I decided to share it with all of them.
I completed the quilting on the pink beauty that I featured a few blogs ago but I am waiting till I get it bound before I share this one because it is also for the upcoming blog hop that I am taking part in this Wednesday. That I was working on when my hubby called me in to help with the installation if the new kitchen sink -- a gasket blew in ours and it would spray water out the bottom of the sink neck, which is not good for washing dishes and not flooding the cabinet below. This went quickly and with a few minor adjustments we have a new faucet and sprayer.
I wanted to go back to my quilting list but dad needed help with his TV setup so off we went. This was the least we could do after his helping us out with the tax issue. I have decided that I will also be adding another project to my list of things I want to complete in the near future -- a quilt for him, he's so generous and never asks for anything and is impossible to shop for when it comes to holidays and birthdays. I'm thinking I will use a good portion of my blue scraps on this project and may join the trip along bandwagon -- I hope I have enough to make a queen size.

I did receive my first piece of squishy mail yesterday from a fellow blogger. I made a comment about how I loved a fabric that she had used in a project and she kindly offered to send me the leftover that she had in finishing her project. I am truly thankful to her and will make great use of this item. So to her I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
I always knew that quilters were great people and blogging has opened me up to even more outstanding people. I am a follower of many blogs now and read every post, many times I leave lengthy comments, I laugh and sometimes get choked up by things that others write but I am glad to take part in the lives of so many of you -- you all have your own voice in my mind when I read your posts usually based on regional dialects of other people that I know from your area. The readers that know me in person probably read this blog as though they were listening to my voice (I know that's what I do for them) and those of you that want to give it a try I am a southerner that talks fast, I'm educated so I try to speak correctly but I can be sarcastic or sassy at times and will drop the occasional southern slang. I always speak my mind and when I talk about things I love my voice does become higher pitched but not annoying.

Happy quilting everyone -- guess I better get to the rest of that list if I want to have something to talk about later this week (or tonight).

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  1. You forgot to mention that you are a very creative thinker, not afraid to try something different or put your own spin on something. I love that about you! No fear!
    Your PP top is amazing!