Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love meets Logic

Darth Vader Gum Ball Machine

So last week was Valentines day and I hope that everyone had a great day being whit those that they love, I got to spend the evening at home with my hubby and a lovely steak dinner that we prepared together. As I am letting him more into the kitchen with me I am discovering that we really enjoy cooking together. After dinner we are exchanging small gifts and he got me a great new pair of silk pajamas, some chocolates and a Star Wars gumball machine that I had pointed out at Target a few weeks earlier. It's so cute and will eventually be joining me at work.

We're hanging out and watching TV and he looks at me and jokingly tells me that I messed up his real gift with my logic. After a little convincing he tells me that he was originally going to get me a feather weight machine that I had put on the watch list on EBay but I had talked him out of it. I know that we are trying to be better about our finances so that we can get some debts paid off and had decided that I would rather use the money I would spend on a machine to attend festivals and craft fairs in the Spring and Fall to hopefully get my name out there for commission sells, or sell some product thus helping pay off more expenses (or in my case buy more fabric or needed supplies). So logic wins out and my love shows that he does pay attention even when I think he is just humoring me during one of my rambles. So I am thinking if / when I do get the lovely featherweight I may just have to name it Vader.

Singer Model 221 Featherweight Sewing Machine
Food illness from trying a different place Friday meant that we spent the weekend in the house and I got a little quilting done but not nearly enough to consider it creatively productive. The backing for the Paper Piece is put together and was sandwiched Sunday night so hopefully I can quilt it or at least think about quilting it this week of by weekend. Our class is coming back together on the 28th for the "wrap up class" and I think I would like to have it mostly completed by that time. You know because I'm a showoff like that. I also put together another quilt top for the guild but that's as far as that went. It's going to he another beauty that I will end up wanting to keep -- isn't that the problem we have in crafting, the love of the things that we create. I don't have a picture of it yet but It's a large star pattern using these fabrics (I used the pink line and some of the green and am holding onto the blues for another project) that I got from the guild stash with solid of the lighter pink as the background and a border of the brighter pink. Perhaps I will manage to get a picture of the completed top for the next blog..
I leave you with something to brighten your day -- my group of helpers being oh so helpful this morning when I was trying to get out the door for work as they were standing on my pile of quilts that I am taking to the guild meeting tonight. It's going to be a great one Melody Miller will be there as the guest speaker. 
Happy Quilting and as usual that's the Dish for now. 

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  1. Love your kitty "posse"! can't wait to see your quilts tonight!