Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kitten Mini Quilt Swap 2016

I was super excited when @frankiesfabrics announced a 2nd round to the kitten mini swap but then as I read the initial guidelines i realized it was only for Australians -- insert sad face. As the deadline was approaching for the signups to end I got a happy message that I (and a hand full of others) had been selected to take part in the swap if we still wanted.

Once I got my partner's info I started formulating a plan and decided to make a paper pieced version of her cat in a purple heart -- I still wanted to work in chevrons somehow but at least the basic plan was in place. 
This didn't feel quite right
There we go -- much better 
Binding Choices
Here it is all finished and ready for shipping off to Cheryl Mitchell (@rose_patch70) all the way in Melbourne, Australia. 
For this swap we also had to send along a 2nd handmade item and i made a mini sew together bag for all that hexi work that Cheryl does. 
and a few other goodies. 

I know she's super excited that this is now her's because of all the lovely comments that she left me along the way, during the swap. 
Her response to the package was great .

The pouch is my 2nd finish for the 2nd quarter


  1. What a wonderful portrait of Miss Peaches, and great extras. A great swap and so lucky those Aussies accepted you 'into the fold'. (Said from a Kiwi!!!)

  2. I love how you worked out the mini border with the fuschia in the corners. And that orange Tula was the perfect call for a ginger kitty. I'm surprised you didn't have to have one for yourself! 😘

  3. Cute bag and love the kitten quilt! Congratulations on your finish and thanks for linking up to FAL 2016 on behalf of you team of hosts!