Friday, April 1, 2016

March Stash Report

At the end of February I had purged 50 yards of stash and I was feeling pretty good about my self and the progress that I was going to make this year --- then March 1 hit and one of my lovely friends announced that she would be closing her store at the end of the month. Of course that means great sales and deals and I have plenty of projects in the works so I wasn't really needing anything except backing for my Wanna Fanta Quilt that the bee blocks were coming in for and of course I can't resist Tula Pink on sale so I went on over there to see what I could score. (+15 yards, -2 being gifted to a friend) 

Now that that's out of my system I needed to get to quilting this month. I was able to finish my bee blocks the last day of February as they got posted early and I was hive queen in my other hive. Jenna requested Quarterfoil blocks in teal, pink and yellow -- remember the only fabric i bought last month, yeah it was intended for these beauties. My teal was a little light that I got but I did have some in the stash that was dark enough. (-1 yd) 

I also decided to hive jump again this month -- who knows it might be a monthly thing for me going forward because I love making blocks to send to others and know that I am a part of their quilt. I made these wonky blocks for Christen (-.5 yd)
I also found out about a very special project on Instagram called a quilt for Henry -- his mother was a special quilter that passed away unexpectedly and blocks were being collected so I whipped up a few friendship stars to send to this cause. (-.5 yards) 
I then jumped into hive 1 and whipped up this block for Robin Sue (-.5 yards) 
I'm loving bee blocks so much. A lady from Stash bee back in January posted up her collection of blocks so far and she is lacking in the yellow and oranges and I whipped up these fun union jacks to help balance things out. (-1 yard) 
 I also gifted a WIP to one of my friends and the strings that I had pulled for it so that she would be able to complete it (-2 yards)

On to my sewing -- as I was waiting for bee blocks to come in I decided it was time to tackle making some of the 20 extras that I will need in order to make this a bed size quilt for my husband. Pulled a bunch of the scraps that the lovely ladies had sent me and some of my own purple squares and whipped up these extra blocks. 

my real goal for this month was to finally get around to quilting at least one of the quilts that I had in the waiting pile -- you know with the quarter coming to an end it would be nice to have a couple of finishes to show off -- My first finish this month was my scout quilt for the back seat of my Honda. (fabric already accounted for)

and my second was the very colorful Kaleidascope quilt from my bee mates last year (fabric already accounted for)

So another great thing coming up for me is the Kitten Mini Quilt swap due mid April and I got this beauty ready to go (-3 yards with gifted fabrics) -- now I have to make the companion gift to go along with it before shipping. 

Another surprising finish this month was my Rush Hour quilt that I had nearly given up on -- really it was headed for the orphan adoption posting until I found some more love for it and finished it off in just 2 evenings. (-8 yards)

I'm also working on my Stash Bash Revamp project and hope to get it forwarded to a friend in time to be shown off at Stash Bash next month, since I sadly will not be able to attend. 

The Tula Project is really growing and starting to take shape -- I have all the blocks put together (and an extra) and I started working on layout options. I hope to have some rows in tact by the mid April check in. 

Closer to the end of the month (as the shop was about to close) I went back to find background for my awesome Kate Spain Christmas quilt I am planning and I may have bought a little more for stashing. (+10 yards) 

I participated in the Quilty Orphan Adoption and re-homed 2 projects and a huge bundle of scraps (-15 yards) 

A few days before the shops closing I stopped by again and picked up a few colors my stash is lacking that I need for some upcoming bee blocks and a few great deals (+10 yards) 

So this month had me starting at -50 yards, I added in 35 yards and used 33.5 yards so that brings the new yearly total to -48.5 yards -- Looks like I'm going to have to get back on the fabric purge plan starting next month. My shelves are looking so full and it's to the point of buying another shelf or go back on the diet and i have plenty of projects to work on to decrease the stash that should keep my buys and out of the shops. 


  1. You are so productive! Thank you again for the extra Union Jacks--they're just the colors I needed!

  2. I love your Union Jacks... but that cat mini quilt!! IN LOVE!!