Thursday, April 7, 2016

2nd Quarter goals

Well, First quarter was productive in knocking out some of those UFO projects, with 6 finishes and that means making room for new projects to get started while finishing up a few of those other stragglers. So I'm linking up again for the next round of the FAL
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1. finish up the Stash Bash Revamp project -- I came so close to finishing it last quarter.

2. I know that I will be finishing up the 2nd item that will be in my Kitten mini swap -- I'm leaning toward a mini sew together bag. 
3. I want to finish up my Tula Sampler Quilt -- I need to sash it and get it ready to be long armed. 
4. I still have the Scrappy Cross roads in my basted pile 
5. the spell bound quilt is currently in the process of being quilted
6. I hope to get back to tessellations and finish up the other half of the blocks to start planning a layout. 

7. still needing to finish up the blocks for Wanta Fanta -- not all of them have came in from the hive mates yet and I still need to make about 20 more blocks so that I will have a quilt large enough for hubby. 
8. Swoon is still on my want to make list and I am thinking about changing up my initial plan and incorporate a solid for the diamonds in with all the prints from Rock N Romance

9. Moda Modern is still hanging around and it's looking more like it will be an abridged version of this huge quilt -- I have about 1/2 of the blocks completed. 
10. Lucky 21 is something that's still hanging around.
11. My sister has requested a cross quilt that she saw online -- no pattern for this one, just the image so that should be fun. 
12. I'm looking for a project to use my Proiry Square fabric 
13. There are 2 scrappy trip along quilts for charity waiting to be quilted
14. Sew together pouch as an angel gift 
15. Kate Spain Christmas Spectacular quilt -- North Woods comes out in June, so really this is a 3rd qtr goal but I could go ahead and start sewing all those HST that this project will entail.
North Woods Half Yard Bundle Reservation <br/>Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics
16. I want to start working on the bag pattern I got for Christmas 
17. I will be making a first year clothes quilt for a little girl, whose mom really loved the one that I made for her brother. 

18. I've been wanting to make a large star quilt and love how quickly the Moda Love star goes together.

As an extra, I am sure there will be a swap or gifted item needed at some time this quarter to distract my attention .

Eighteen projects, that's not to bad. Some are far more likely than others but I am still working on my goals for the year to purge out more stash than I bring in and several of these projects should make a sizable difference. I'm also working on bee blocks every month and one block of the month project. 


  1. 18, gulp! I'm glad you can do this! I forgot about the Tessellations quilt. Still love it. I'd want to do the Swoon in Priory Square. Where are you donating the charity quilts? I'd love to have a monthly or bi-monthly charity quilt/pillowcase sew. Can't wait to see these are they progress!

  2. Two more things. I keep thinking the Tula quilt has a light AND dark bg. That might e interesting... Thinking on it for mine (wanna buckle down on that soon.) Also, love the idea of a Sew Together mini for the kitty theme swap. You make me wanna go there again, lol!

  3. Good luck!! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  4. Hello fellow Stash Bee bee
    1. Beautiful Colour Choice for your Tessellation Project
    2. How about 'Boys Nonsense' for your Proiry Square fabrics?

    Good luck with tackling a few of those projects =)

  5. Wow! a lot of great projects in there! I can't wait to see them completed!! Good luck!!

  6. good luck with all your finishes Katie. I am so impressed that your bee quilt is on there already. My bee quilts from two years ago are on mine.