Monday, May 2, 2016

Secret Retreat

With my 11th hour planning and working some magic to pull it all together, I was so ready to get this bash under way --- it's really hard keeping a secret like this for 10 days, especially when everyone is talking about it on social media.

I was very careful about what I put online in preparation for leaving and even considered throwing in a few decoy posts on instagram to throw people off that might suspect it was a ruse. 

I got everything all packed up and ready to go.
In the house vs in the trunk 
It was very fun to suprise some of my very good friends by showing up at the retreat unexpected -- but the real surprise was running into Mallory while in a quilt shop on my way there.

While at the retreat I worked on my Wanta Fanta Quilt and assembled the top. (I have since decided that I need another 8 blocks to complete the top and make it square.) 

I completed the top of my City Sampler 

I made a Moda Love Star mini quilt 

I completed 3 hour baskets -- one of which I kept for myself. The other 2 went to our awesome cooks this weekend.

I got started on my Lucky 21 quilt. This one has been to all the stash bashes that I have so far and apparently #3 was finally time to get her started. 

One of the awesome things about stash bash is the giveaways and I won some really awesome stuff this time. first I won a folding olfa mat provided by Angela of The Green Apricot 
Olfa Folded Cutting Mat 17"X24"

then in the big lottery drawing I won custom long arm quilting by my awesome friends Kira -- oh the noise that I made when they called my number was pretty remarkable and more than slightly embarrassing. 

Angela is so awesome and gifted me the batting that she had previously won. So the Tula sampler was sent with Kira off to Florida for some very special love and I can't wait to see how awesome she makes it, I almost sent Mr. Pink home with her to supervise. 

We always have remarkable sponsors and goodie bags and here is just a bit of the awesome swag that I got. 

I was lucky enough to take part in the secret sister swap through an angel package I made, and two awesome ladies put together some goodies for me as well -- so a big shout out to Nisha and Karie for surprising me with these goodies. 

There is always lots of laughter, some tears and a room full of love at this retreat and I am forever grateful for the friendships that this has brought into my life.

And one thing I learned this time is there are never enough Rice Crispy treats -- cause 4 batches only got us through 24 hours.

The hour baskets are finishes 8, 9 & 10 for the 2nd quarter


  1. I love quilts :)

    And now I want some Rice Krispy treats!!

  2. It sounds like it was a perfect trip. Congrats on all the wins. I can't wait to see your City Sampler all quilted.