Monday, May 2, 2016

April Stashing and Sewing

April will be a month of recovery from all the stash additions from last month and hopefully I can get this stash game back on track. I have many goals that I set for the quarter and it looks like I have most of the things on hand to make most of them happen. 

Since the month started on a Friday that gave me a jump start on getting the bee blocks taken care of and on their way to new homes. Helen wanted red cross blocks and my stash really paid off this time because  I was sure that I would need to buy red fabric to make these happen but I found enough in the charm box to send these 3 lovelies to her. (-.5 yd) 
In the Bee Hive Swarm, Cindy wanted these fun checker blocks that are super simple and come together really quick but have a great impact -- Four blocks heading her way. (-.5 yard) 

I did manage my first finish for the quarter with my huge and awesome tote that was my Stash Bash Revamp project. This was mostly scraps from the retreats but I did pull the lining and the linen from my stash to pull it all together (-2.5 yards) 

My 2nd finish for the month was getting my Spellbound quilt finished (-10 yards) 

April also brought the deadline for the Kitten Mini Swap -- I had finished the mini last month but this was a 2 item swap so I put together a mini sew together bag for my partner and got it all shipped off. (-2 yards) 

I'm really loving to hive jump and I made a few more this month -- and apparently I forgot to photograph them all. (-1 yard) 

My niece is a dog groomer and needed some fabric for bandannas and bow ties that she makes for extras for her clients and to sell on the side. I really wanted some of that destashable fabric to go to a good cause so I sent her a huge bundle of assorted fabrics to help her have a better variety. (-12 yards) 

There was a call for some blocks for a special project for a fellow quilter that has cancer and I pitched in some fabric for backing (-5 yards) since I wasn't sure I'd have enough time to make the blocks. 
After a weekend of catching up on projects and all that cutting for my City sampler project I decided it was time to start planning for some new projects. 
because in the 11th hour I had made up my mind that I would be attending Stash Bash for my own mental health -- medical bills and dwelling work leave be damned. 

I made a few gift items for ladies at the bash (-6 yards) 

One of the awesome ladies at Stash Bash was collecting donation fabric for impoverished women and refugees to be able to make clothing and gain skills to be more self sustaining -- so I also took her a bundle of fabrics (-10 yards)

While at the retreat I worked on several projects but I also indulged a little at a few local shops. (+ 20 yards -- see that Kate Spain Christmas fabric, it's going to be the backing on my epic KS Christmas quilt) 

Received the rest of my Wana Fanta blocks and put mine with it to have 35 blocks completed. I needed 56 for the queen size quilt that I wanted to make so that meant lots of extra blocks needed to be made and I set out on this and I made the other 21 over once i got to stash bash. (only to realize when I got home that I need 8 more to make the quilt square so it will really fit the bed well)

I made a few hour baskets (-3 yards) 

completed the top of my Tula Pink quilt and won long arming while at retreat so I went ahead and sent her off to Florida for some time in the spa with Kira (
 After the retreat I was left with one more week in the month and most of this was sent recuperating and unpacking. I got back into the sewing room a little on Saturday but mostly to organize and start on those other 8 Wanta Fanta blocks. 

April seemed like a very productive month overall to me and I am feeling pretty good about the numbers. I started the month with a YTD fabric decrease of -48.5 yards, I used/ gifted 52.5 yards this month and brought in 20 yards -- bringing the YTD total to 81 yards decreased from my stash, and I'm pretty happy about that. 


  1. Hi Katie. I'm catching up on overdue blog reading, and boy have you been busy! You fairly cracked on this month. I love the red pluses you made me, and your own wanta Fanta quilt looks brilliant. I look forward to seeing it finished. I love your baskets too, they are on my list but as yet unmade.

  2. Wow, what a month! Your projects are beautiful. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.