Thursday, May 5, 2016

When your to do list gets a little crazy.

As I venture into May I 'm starting to think of all the things that I want to accomplish this month and in subsequent months. Once I started listing them, I took pause because I couldn't decide if the list was impossible or I would need to be awesome / crazy to complete these lofty goals. 
You see the list starts innocently enough with finishing a few blocks and sending a top to the long armer and my bee blocks. I also wanted to get a jump start on binding for the 2 quilts once they return from the quilters. I toss in my OMG goal for the month with my Tessellation project blocks.

After that the list gets lofty and adventurous. 
-- Quilt 3 projects -- yeah, they are basted or ready for basting and 2 of them are small, so that could be doable. 

-- Work on MMBB (Moda Modern Building Blocks) -- this is the WIP I sometimes forget. This sits untouched after several months and maybe it needs a bit of revitalization to regain my interest. Who knows it could lead to assembly, especially since I know I'm not making the whole thing because it's huge. 
-- Laying out and assembling Tessellation will not be an easy feet but I'm really doubting my ability to make it this far this month. 

-- most of the rest of the list involves binding -- and we all know my feelings about that, who knows maybe June will be a month of binding
Liberty print bias binding on wooden spools - great way to store bias binding - you can get new wooden spools at craft stores:

-- my other WIP currently is Lucky 21. It mostly makes the list as a fall back project for when I am avoiding other things, the main components were finished at Stash Bash and the HST have been trimmed so things should go together easily on it. 
So 19 goals / accomplishments for the month set forth -- let's see what I can accomplish in that time and how many will be reemerging in June. 


  1. Love all your Liberty binding.

    1. that's a stock photo, I wish it was my fabric and spools