Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tula Pink City Sampler -- The completion

Last month I had all my blocks completed and the sashing ready for assembly and I took this project with me to Stash Bash, where I completed the top

and then I had a great win fall and won quilting services from my amazing friend Kira and was then gifted batting by another of my awesome friends.

This quilt has been a lot of work and I will admit that I was anxious to have it so far away being quilted but I knew that Kira would do something awesome with this opportunity because she's an awesome lady. 

She sent me a few sneak peaks and posted a few teasers on instagram. 

Then it was time to wait for my quilt to come back home to me so that I could get an idea of how great it really was, I even made binding in preparation (and you all know that is not my favorite part of quilting). 
The quilt arrived on Thursday and it was late by the time I got home so good pictures would have to wait till the weekend when I had extra hands to help me and plenty of daylight. 
The cats have already laid claim to this one. 
Here she is out in the sun. 
Here's a better picture of the quilting -- I can't wait till I was h it and get to see all the crinkles. (Haven't washed it yet because of the ongoing problem I have been hearing about the freefall backing fadeing -- better safe than sorry right) 
And one more of the little prince in his quilt fortress 

This is my 11th finish of the 2nd quarter


  1. What an amazing finish! Great job! I love the binding. Those polka dots are just perfect.

  2. The prince, hahaha! 😻 Had not heard that about Freefall. Wonder if you use cold water and that super gentile wash stuff. I forget the name of the older one. Maybe Sue or Teresa would know. Or you should try to ask Tula or maybe her mom since she has a shop.

  3. Beautiful quilt! And your selfie with it made me smile; your expression is great in that photo! :)

  4. I'm so late commenting here but I love the way it turned out and happy that you got it finished. I'll get mine done someday.

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful finish! I hope the cats let you use it every now and then ;)

    On behalf of the FAL hosts, thanks for playing along!