Wednesday, January 20, 2016

City Sampler January report

Linking up with Michelle over at Crayon Box Quilts to show my progress with the Tula Pink City Sampler. 

In the last 5 months I have been able to complete -- blocks (which you can see here, here and here). I wanted to get all 70 blocks completed before Stash Bash but as you all know that did not happen and now this break in my foot has limited me in sewing and I had barely touched this project for the last 2 months. My goal for this month if I am being realistic is probably having 50 blocks completed but I'd love to be able to finish all 70 so that I can start on layout and assembly next month. 

In October at the check in the book looked like this ... 
and now it looks like this.... 

See all those little blue tabs -- those are the blocks left to make to get to 70 blocks. You see, I'm also in the process of reevaluating my layout options and I may be choosing to make only 56 blocks (7 x 8 layout) or maybe 63 (7 x 9 layout) depending on how I like the blocks that I have made and how many more in the book that I actually want to make. 

So on to the blocks that I was able to complete.

#33: block 19

#34: block 16

#35: block 49

#36: block 61

#37: block 67

#38: block 88

#39: block 17

#40: block 34

#41: block 94

#42: block 76

#43: block 70

#44: block 65

#45: block 14

#46: block 41

#47: block 44

#48: block 53

Holy Cow that's a lot of blocks, but there are at least 8 more to be made and probably more like 22. I am still loving this project and I even resorted my fabrics this weekend to make sure that I am not leaving out fabrics that I really wanted to include because they got buried in the pile. 

I'm hoping that this winter weather threat that we have for this weekend means sewing time because I've got the itch to put these guys together, soon. 

I have resumed sewing in my sewing room rather than the living room make shift area so that makes me a happy gal and also pleases several of the kitties. 
Happy Quilting everyone -- can't wait to see your progress. 

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  1. It is fun to see your fabric combinations as I have several of the same ones! It will be fun to see them all together.

  2. This quilt is on my bucket list, but it's so intimidating! Good for you for diving in and making continued progress. Your blocks look great!

  3. You have some truly gorgeous blocks done! I know you are anxious to get them finished, and I hope you do. Just don't hurt anything!!!

    Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday too!

  4. I like all your blocks too. I'm sorry that I again missed posting the links party for this (I haven't been the best kinky party host lately) and I feel bad about that but things at home had to take priority. There will be a kinky party this month and hopefully I'll actually have something to show myself.