Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Quilting Resolutions

I like making goals, lists and resolutions and whenever a new year starts there are so many fun link ups to join up with so I have decided to throw my hat in on all of them. They all feed off one another and have different goals and time frames. 

First I'll start with the shortest term goal it's a monthly goal plan and is being hosted by Red Letter Quilts -- fun short term goals and hopefully will keep me on track with the larger plans.
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My OMG will be to complete the top for my seat cover quilt -- maybe the whole project if I get lucky. 

Next up is the 3 month plan of the quarterly link up for finish along. 2016 has brought some changes to the Finish along and it feels like it will be a good thing -- there are various blogs to link up with and a great group of ladies is now leading this link up to share the fun and spread the word. I've been participating in this link up for the last year and a half and  am throwing out my list of UFP's to hopefully motivate me to keep going on these goals and get some lovely finishes as well as meet new bloggers. 

My carry over goals from 2015 for started projects are .... 
  1. kaleidoscope quilt -- ready for backing and basting
  2. Tula Pink Sampler quilt -- 32 of 70 blocks made
  3. Tessellations Quilt -- half the blocks are made
  4. Seat cover or car quilt for Honda -- ready for assembly
  5. Spellbound Quilt -- ready for backing and basting
  6. Scrappy Cross Roads Quilt -- blocks are ready to be assembled into a top but I may need to make a few. 
  7. Moda Modern Building blocks -- 1/3 of the blocks are made (maybe I'll make an abridged version) 
  8. Scrappy Trip along quilt -- pile of blocks potentially for 2 charity quilts 
  9. Rush Hour Quilt -- needs quilting (my oldest UFO)
  10. Scrapped Blocks -- ready for backing and basting 
  11. Sew Original BOM -- ready for filler blocks and assembly (this one might be a charity quilt)

My Wish list projects include... 
  1. Kate Spain Christmas Quilt (#Sewmystash2016 goal 1)
  2. Bag Project pattern I got for Christmas 
  3. Swoon
  4. Lucky 21
  5. Triad 86 quilt for Hubs
  6. Kitten Mini Swap (due 4/20) Unknown
  7. Skinny Mini Swap (due 2/26)
  8. Churn Dash Sampler Quilt 
  9. Large Star Quilt
  10. Bonnie Hunter's latest Mystery Quilt Allietare
  11. Make something with my Quick Curves Ruler 
  12. Pixelated Cotton and Steele Heart
  13. Priory Square Quilt 
  14. Cat Nap Quilt
  15. Honda Door Covers 
  16. Honda Dash Mat Revamp 
  17. stash bash revamp project (4/15)
  18. Folk Song Quilt 
  19. Mountain's Majesty quilt 
  20. sewing machine pouch
  21. something from my orphan blocks
I'm also linking up with Jen over at Quilter in the closet for her 100 days challenge where we come up with 3 goals for the first 100 days of the year 

1. Complete at least 2 of my carry over projects from 2015
2. Decrease my stash by 50 yards or more -- through destash or use in ongoing projects
3. Make time to blog every week and link up with other bloggers. 

In the long term for 2016 there is another fun Challenge going on with Stephanie at A quarter inch from the edge  where everyone sets up a manifesto and determines what rules to follow this year as they undertake taming of the stash. 

In my Manafesto I elect to ...
  1. Use more coveted fabrics
  2. Make meaningful fabric purchases 
  3. Use stashed fabric for bee blocks and swaps 
  4. destash things I'm not going to use
  5. Track fabrics use from the stash 
Lastly I'm linking up with Leasa of Project Leasa for another round of  Sew My Stash -- last year i was motivated my this link up and managed to purge so many yards of stashed fabric and came out with a stash 150 yards lighter at the end of the year. 
 The link up isn't necessarily about destashing but using coveted fabrics and working with things that we have on hand, it fits nicely with my other goals / manifesto. The initial challenge was to identify special stashed fabric that will be worked with this year -- I choose my Kate Spain Christmas Charm packs since I have nearly all of them now. I may make another jewel box quilt or find another charm friendly project to make. Turns out now I will be waiting a little longer to start this one as Kate announced the next holiday line (North Woods) and I'll be wanting to put that one in too. 
The second challenge is to reevaluate our fabric and crafting supplies and declutter things that no longer fit our style or are things that we will probably not use. I'm off to see what I can accomplish in that department as well. 

Lots of great link ups and I'm sure there will be others as I catch up on my blog reading. I'm hoping to find a few more swaps to join as the year progresses and maintain my bee blocks this year because they were great fun last year and I met some really great new people. Happy 2016 Everyone!!


  1. awesome list of goal, I hope you exceed your own expectations.

  2. Wow! Thats a lot of quilts! The Quick Curve Ruler is awesome! Do the free Poinsettia project on the blog. Its quick and easy and makes a nice 20" pillow or mini quilt table topper

  3. Wow and I thought my list was long! How about finishing that oldest one though I love your Kaleidoscope! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  4. Great quilts in progres ! Good luck !