Tuesday, January 5, 2016

4th quarter accomplishments and 2015 in review

In looking back on 2015 I always like to look at the numbers and this year turned out pretty good -- considering I have also injured myself twice this year and been down in what I can do as far as crafting in general goes. 
  • participated in 16 swaps 
  • made 10 pouches 
  • made 17 fabric baskets 
  • completed 14 small quilts 
  • completed 4 large quilts
  • attended 2 retreats 
  • made 41 bee blocks
Things I finished this quarter -- to link up with Adrianne 
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
  1. Swap with Mallory  
  2. Secret Sister Swap Items
  3. 16 fabric buckets 
  4. Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt 
  5. Commission t-shirt quilt 
  6. Kate Spain Jewel Box Quilt 
  7. Accuquilt Mini #1
  8. Accuquilt Mini #2 
  9. all my bee blocks for the year

I'll be heading into the new year with 12 UFPs (unfinished projects) 
    • Kaleidoscope Quilt 
    • Spellbound
    • Tula Pink City Sampler
    • Tessellations
    • Scout for Honda
    • Crossroad Bee Blocks
    • Moda Modern Building Blocks
    • Charity blocks 
    • Scrappy Trip Along
    •  Rush Hour  
    • Sew Original BOM
    • Sewingly Yours BOM
I'll also be participating in 2 bees again and have way more things on my to do Wish list than I will probably be able to finish any time soon but who knows what the new year will hold, maybe I will be able to finally cut into a new project and continue using my stash. 


  1. Best of luck crossing all those items off your list before this year ends.

  2. Wow! I can't believe you did 16 swaps last year. I was exhausted just doing the handful I signed up for! You are like a quilting superhero!

    Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish this year too!