Monday, November 2, 2015

Kate Spain Jewel Box

Kate Spain has long been one of my favorite designers. I've participated in 2 rounds of Charm swaps hosted by Michelle at Crayon Box Quilt Studios and finally put all these lovelies to good use. 

First I had to pick a design -- the fabrics vary in size so I wanted something that would still showcase them well. I went with the Jewel Box block and started whipping up HST and 4 patch units. 
It grew and grew on the design wall and I was loving every part of the process (OK maybe not trimming all those HST -- this photo is only half of them). 
when I finally got the blocks completed I decided that I wanted 4 patches in the pattern to go off the edges so that the quilt looked like it kept going. I pieced it all together and took it to one of my friend's shops to baste it -- kind of concerned about the size and my ability to quilt it but I decided that I would press on.

I also put some awesome KS on the backand pieced in one of my fav prints but I went with the single color version rather than the brightly colored one. 
Early this month I took a weekend away from the car group and took time to get caught up on some things and get things ready for the quilt retreat that was coming up. I managed to quilt it in about 4 hours total and I figured out a way to quilt flowers that is easier for me and results in less points in the middle -- I'll call this Rose quilting. 
I took her with me to Stash Bash to put on the binding because I am so ready to sleep under all this Kate Spain Love. 
Once I finished it all up I had to wait for good weather and my quilt helper to be available on the same weekend but I really love the completed shots that I got while visiting Reynolda Village last weekend
I think this one might be my favorite -- so bright and wonderful. 
I absolutely love this quilt and sleep under it every night now -- you know when the kitties let me. 


  1. Like you, I love this for the colors! Don't love KS prints as much as you, but I sure like them here! Nice Renolda Garden pics! FYI, you know, the Village Tavern near you is a spin off of the Reynolda Village one and has the same rock walls and architecture (that is where I thought you were at first.) Or you might use their porch rail when they are just opening or closed. I'd meet you there for a quick shoot and maybe lunch!

  2. Beautiful....where can I get the pattern?

    1. I used charm squares and made HST then made my 4 patches to match in size but a basic tutorial on the base block is

  3. The Kate prints just glow against that dark background! It is gorgeous!!!!

  4. Oh wow. Really, really wow. I love it. It turned out beautiful. Congrats on a gorgeous finish. I'm jealous but maybe I'll have to use that pattern for one of my own. :)