Thursday, September 24, 2015

City Sampler check in for September

If you missed it Michelle and I are supporting each other and a few other brave souls that have taken up the 100 modern block project from Tula Pink. 
Crayon Box Quilt Studio
My (lofty) goal was to make the 70 blocks for the layout that I want to make --  in time for Stash Bash (which is in a month). So let's see how I did this month and how many blocks I added to the 3 that I completed last month. (note to stay on track of one per day I needed to get to 40 blocks completed)
#4: block 9
#5: block 10
#6: block 11
#7: block 21
#8: block 22
#9: block 23
#10: block 27
#11: block 57
#12: block 63
#13: block 69
#14: block 72
#15: block 73

So this half month's progress is 12 blocks, meaning that I have completed 15 of 70 for the project. Meaning that I need to complete 2 block per day before Stash Bash, if I am going to have all the blocks made before hand and be able to assemble it during the retreat. 


  1. That is s lot of blocks. I am slowly piecing mine together. All those itsy pieces.

  2. Good for you! So sorry I forgot about the linky party. Time just got away from me last month. This week for sure and I'll actually have something to show.