Thursday, September 3, 2015

August sewing or stashing

I'm going to preface this month with saying that my anniversary is in August and Hubs and I usually take a weekend trip somewhere so there will be fabric bought this month -- the key is how much fabric and from where. 

August started with a simple pouch finish for the guild swap. I used / gifted 3 yards of fabric for this one. 
I've been working on a t shirt commission project and pulled 3 yards from stash for the filler fabric and the boarders. 

We love the mountains and this year we choose to do a day trip to Boone, NC as our destination of choice for our anniversary -- it has so much to do while still being scenic and quaint and it reminds me of the area that we got married. So while up there we went to Sew Original (the sister store of the one in Winston Salem) and The Quilt shop -- this yielded a purchase of 4 yards of fabric, most of it for that awesome fox collage pattern. 
Then there are the Bee Blocks I made this month --- 1 yards used.
I started working on the Bee Blocks for next month's example as I am the queen bee in one of the hives and will be the queen in my other hive in October. I choose the scrappy crossroads blocks for these and my tester blocks used about another yard of fabric. (mostly because I kept changing my mind on the color pallet). 
I'm still working on the Kate Spain Jewel box project and finally got most of the block units put together and it's ready to start forming larger blocks and then the rows. 
Started on my Tula Pink sampler quilt and got 3 blocks made. 
Made a trip out to Sewingly Yours and couldn't resist the new Alison Glass -- add 2 yards (Art Theory and bookplate prints from Ex Libris).

I cut up the tumblers for a leader / ender project -- another 3 yards by weight. I have since decided to pass it along to someone else that makes charity projects so they will still go to good use. I have another lady going to the Stash Bash retreat that is also interested in Tumblers and I'm strongly considering cutting up another bundle of scraps for her. 

I finished up the month with having bought 6 yards and with having pulled / used 11 yards. So put that with last month's totals and I am in the positive 109.5 yards for the year. 

Next month will be better totals as I will be pulling fabrics for 3 swaps, taking a few vacation days (to include some sewing) and hopefully have some finishes to show off for the quarter. 


  1. I love your Kate Spain project! I have a charm pack of one of her really old lines that I have been saving for ages and don't want to use!

  2. Kate Spain Jewel box is awesome!