Monday, July 31, 2017

July was full of blues

July marked the use of blues from my scraps -- I made my colored strips that i am getting ever so close to having the major 6 colors all finished so I will be able to make an awesome rainbow quilt once I make the orange ones. 
I got the scrap bin made early on in the month as well. 
I got my green string blocks put into a future charity or baby quilt 
and then I whipped up a blue charity / baby quilt. 
I spent a great deal of the month putting together some patters that I am testing for a friend so I can't show you guys 2 quilt tops I did manage to put together but here's a preview of the fabrics i used -- all from stash. 
instead I will show off this rascal of a cat that is making sewing extra challenging lately. She steals my layout spot, my chair and here lately she tries to reach for the rotary cutter or whatever project I am sewing on.
I did buy some fabric this month for a mini quilt that I will be making for a guild swap with the Houston guilt coming up in September -- I love these fabrics and am pretty sure my partner does too, especially since I know her in real life.
I was queen bee in one of my hives this month and choose migration blocks. I love the ones that I made, 
and as more are coming in they are all looking so great together, still waiting on 2 ladies to arrive but I know one is in the mail. 
For my other hives I made a hidden gems block (this one took me 3 tries to get the colors in the right place even with marking them),
and a fun variation of a 9 patch -- mine are on the bottom row.
For the traveling quilts i added mountain's majesty blocks for Becky's quilt but she wan't things to be a surprise for her so I can't share that either but they were pretty awesome. 
I finished my Tessellations quilt top and got it shipped off to the longarmer for her magic. 
I showed you guys my completed swoon already in it's own post.
My Feather weight project is nearly complete and she's a fun candy purple now -- the bobbin case just needs a little tweeking on the reassembly and i am sure that she will be sewing in no time. This machine was found in an outdoor junk pile by a friend a few years ago and wasn't 100% then so even if it becomes just for display I love it. Her name is Bridgett -- my mother's nickname when she was being stubborn. 
and managed to make a bunch of frankien batting for most of my charity quilts. These will be great practice pieces for the longarm some time soon. 

Wow July was busier than I remembered and I know August will be as well since it's vacation time and my aspirations are high. The end of August is also a fun girls weekend in the mountains and many things need to get under way before then to have a super pruductive time. 


  1. Wow!! People say that I am busy, but you've got WAY MORE going on in your sewing room!! SEW many great project and a bunch including BLUE scraps. Nice work!!

  2. You certainly are busy. I particularly love the featherweight project .

  3. love the swoon, but I particularly like the migration squares. Good going